Nakagawa Haruka aka Harugon “I am aiming to be Asia’s No.1!”

  September 6, 2012
Yudai Taenaka 4:58pm 9/6

Hi This is AndareP at NOTTV.

Today, there are a lot of media going on around here at the AKB48 Café and Shops in Akihabara!!
Today, we invite Miyazawa Sae-san and Takajo Aki-san who will make their first appearance in this show. We will let them join the now customary, Andare’s favorite segment!
Please looking forward to it!



Yudai Takenaka 7:38pm 9/6

Let me share the group photo of today’s members and our dear audiences!!
I think that even though we have such gorgeous guests (!!) today, the program itself went as it always did!!
Miyazawa-san! Takajo-san! I’m looking forward to you joining our show next time!


Yudai Takenaka 12:51am 9/7

Hai! This is is AndareP at NOTTV.
Let me share a summary of today’s program.
Oota-san, Suzuki Mariya-san,
Nakagawa-san, Miyazawa-san,
And….. because of the offer from her yesterday, the suddenly arranged Takajo-san’s appearance for the show!!
This is the first time Andare has five members for our live broadcasting show!!
<Know your position in the group!!>
We give them questions about which position they are in (in this case, either of 1th, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th). If all of them answer different numbers, they will win the cheese cake which is a request from Nakagawa-san!

Q. Who will adapt to their new environment the most?
Oota – 1st
Takajo – 4th
Nakagawa – 1st
Miyazawa – 3rd
Mariya – 2nd
※They answered “their” position for the question
<A choice between two>
This is a segment now a customary of Andare! We asked them to answer questions regarding their challenges for the whole new world!
This time, Nakagawa-san got “Chance no Junban”!! We asked her to tell her feelings towards Andare!!
She…… she said…… she wants to join Andare even after she goes Jakarta ToT 
Her words really impressed me….

As everyone suggested to us, I want to realize Andare special in Jakarta, Shanghai and Hakata at any cost!!
As I said during the program…..
Oota-san, Mariya-san and Nakagawa-san are and always will be members of Andare!!
I will rush to your places whenever I can do something for you!! ※Probably I will go there at my own expense…


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