Monthly subscription fee of AKB LIVE ON DEMAND on DMM reduced to 2,980yen

  September 7, 2012

That’s a good news~!

I guess they are trying to attract SKE fans as now SKE’s DMM has stopped updating.

↑That can’t be happen.

I understand that from the viewpoints of Ota, that thing will never happen, but I’m quite doubtful DMM side can understand this Ota’s sentiment…

Which means….. Assan consists of 2,000 yen of total fee of 4,980 yen…

I guess it’s either 1. The number of subscribers has decreased severely after Sashiko’s scandal and Assan’s graduation OR 2. They are thriving so they can reduce the price.

Assan : 1,500 yen
Sashihara: 500 yen

I guess there have been so many cancelation of subscription after Acchan’s graduation…

Yeah, I actually terminated my subscription yesterday.

I think…. What they should reduce is not a price of monthly subscription fee, but price for each video….

↑You hit the nail on the head! For Ota of Cho-Senbatsu members, there’re only several theater performances where the members appear, so it doesn’t make sense to pay for the monthly subscription.
I think….. 300 yes per video is a proper price.

And now their website say “HKT LIVE ON DEMAND” is under preparation.

If this price reduction means they will stop high-def video downloading service which used to be a bonus for monthly subscribers, I wound rather want them to keep the price….

> we stop renewing bonuses for monthly subscribers

….. Anyway, to all AKB fans…. What you really need to pay for is not singles, not albums, not concerts, not official goods, but theater performances….

↑I’m fed up with watching AKB’s current setlists….
They’re poort at MC-ing, too. How come one can say it deserves the price of 5,000 yen!?”

I actually want them to start new cable TV channel solely dedicated to AKB….

↑That’s exactly what I was thinking about!

I think this is a good chance to go through the current members of AKB. Especially you must check out members of team 4!