Togasaki Tomonobu answered fans’ inquiries during the Handshake Event today.

  September 4, 2012
Togasaki Tomonobu 9/2 2:16 pm

At the manager room at today’s HS event, I’ve received so many questions asking when the Reformation will take place, when the new teams will start, how long they will stay overseas, and when they will transfer to overseas teams.
We will inform you of the details of the schedule soon! Please looking forward to the 2nd chapter of AKB48.
Togasaki Tomonobu 9/2 2:49pm

Some people also expressed their concern about the safety of Miyazawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya as they are going to go China. We are paying the utmost attention to their safety and the preparation to have them accepted in the Chinese group. So please set your mind at ease.
Togasaki Tomonobu 9/2 3:23pm

When will the last performances of members who will be transferred to overseas groups be held in Japan? Will there be something like send-off parties?

→Members who will be transferred to overseas group will transfer by the end of this year.
As for events relating to them, such as send-off parties, we will inform you when we know  the details.

Togasaki Tomonobu 9/2 4:56pm

Many people asked me whether the transfer to the overseas group is a “Transfer” or a “Study Abroad” program. As for the 4 members who will go overseas this time, they will “transfer” to the overseas groups “For a limited time period”.  The estimated period of their transfer is from a half year to one year. Regarding their participation in Handshake events in the future, we will announce the details in the different post.

I remember that Yasusu (Akimoto Yasushi) said to Sae, “If you don’t have determination to risk your life, you shouldn’t go China”. But really? Should she risk her life for only six-month-long transfer?
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Time limited transfer….. that’s  a good news….

Then again I’m convinced that being AKB Ota means being at the mercy of management…… Just think about it, they could have announced this when they announced their transfer…..

↑I think they’ve decided how long they will stay overseas based on the reactions from the fans….

Like Sassy, they won’t even move to the foreign countries??

How come they get an idea that this is a part of “study abroad” program… ?
All media reported it’s transfer…. but…. yeah, according to the members blogs, it’s understandable to think this is “study abroad”…

Honestly I thought it was going to be 2 or 3 years long…

This is merely a plan. 
Depending on circumstances, they may extend the period.

 “A half year” and “One year” are significantly different….. LOL

When they come back to Japan, which team will they belong to?

If it were the original 16 members system, it would be difficult to tell which teams they will  join, but with this new system, whichever teams they join, it doesn’t matter.

Akimoto Yasushi: “We will kick start “Study Abroad” program. The duration is planned to be from a half year to one year.”
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AKB’s management: “Nakagawa and Takajo transfer to JKT, Miyazawa and Suzuki transfer to SNH48”

Togasaki: “Regarding the 4 members who will transfer to overseas groups, the estimated duration of their transfer is from a half year to one year.”

So this is the final answer?
I guess it’s not….