How Paruru’s reaction at handshake event is considered by some of enthusiastic fans of her

  July 2, 2012
The most salty member in AKB’s handshake event
Paruru in the evening (when she gets tired): She is not salty in the beginning but soon gets tired and starts to sprinkle tons of salt.
(Salty reaction/塩対応: one of jargons among AKB fans which basically means members poor/plain response to fans (mainly at handshake event)

Paruru is an eye-candy. If you don’t have any expectation to make a conversation with her in the first place, then you will never be disappointed. I actually think it’s alright to just touch her hand and bend the knee to her. lol
By the way, her teammate in Melonpan-alliance, Fukumoto-san (NMB48) was very friendly at handshake event.
I think actually you should be grateful to be given a chance to touch this beautiful girl (even if she just gives you a subtle smile but words)…..
I think you’d better consider the handshake with her as “Shirine Visit” rather than meeting a little girl.
LOL How awesome your word choice is!!

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