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Battle between Fujita Nana and Oshima Ryoka: Who can draw the worst portrait?


” I…. can only sense malice from this picture…. ” ↑LOL I completely agree with you. ” Maestro Fujita’s painting will come out when people least expect it! ” Maybe

AKB48 Janken tournament will be live broadcasted in ”Kakyoukyoku”!!! & Today's Churi:Camera


“Sashiko will play a MC or reporter role for the program!?!?“I lost all interest in Janken now….. All attention is now on tomorrow’s ANN….“Sashiko….. Congratulations…..By the way, 3 hours for

Amazing Akimoto Sayaka beauty transformation!


Guys, don’t you think she has become soooo much beautiful lately? I mean….. she has become Excessively beautiful!!   Man, you mean she looks so glamorous with this funky glasses?

Ogiso Shiori and Furukawa Airi in CA costume and Churi’s Appearance in Majisuka 3


“Airin looked so plump, she looks like my mother“I dont know what kinda gravure this is, but for a second I thought these girls had the real CA style! “BIRDY~~~!!!

Majisuka3 members wrapped up filming


    >I took various photos with Uruse~yo full body photo panel~♪I guess photos Shimada takes are like these?      

Yuihan-oshi threatened to bomb NMB Theater because of comments from other fans on website


SKE48 Yamashita Yukari is being really sexy and Story on a day of Furukawa Airi


“Sexy?“HER FACE. LOL“When I looked at it, there were so many things crossing my mind!“My thoughts are on that baby kart..“Ebi furai kare is 900yen!!“Btw, this one is cute too

Akicha wants her oshi to meet her in Jakarta when she moves to JKT48


  “I want to meet Akicha in 6th time slot.I only could shake hands with her because I lost the lottery though…. Me: Have you learned some words of Indonesian

Togasaki Tomonobu answered fans’ inquiries during the Handshake Event today.


“I remember that Yasusu (Akimoto Yasushi) said to Sae, “If you don’t have determination to risk your life, you shouldn’t go China”. But really? Should she risk her life for only six-month-long

No featured image available for SKE member Inuzuka Asana gets suspended from all her activities as a member of SKE

SKE member Inuzuka Asana gets suspended from all her activities as a member of SKE


. “Which mean they’ve suspended to make a judgement and let her stay at home until everything will be settled? “This is the first member who got suspended in SKE~~~

Miyawaki Sakura’s G+ posts have raised expectations for her being Senbatsu for the next Single


“ “……. This means…… “Sakura will be a Senbatsu member? or Under Girls?? “28th has 3 different versions, so she has a good chance to be selected for a coupling

Sentimental 1 KOMEDA at the night that Kaotan couldn’t make it…


“Kaotan… you talked more than you need to….Anyway, I can understand. Honestly you feel so frustrated by the fact you couldn’t get promoted…. “Now that we will be welcoming the

Detail of SKE’s 1st Album “Konohi no Chime o Wasurenai” UNVEILED!!


Related articles: Bonus footage details and Album artworks of SKE’s new single キスだって左利き (Kiss datte Hidarikiki) released Take a sneak preview of SKE’S upcoming 1st album!!

NEW FLASH!!! GUYS!! SKE Kaneko Shiori aka Kinchan and Suda Akari aka Da~Su~ has become stunningly SEXYYYYYY!!!


“ Yeah….. This is….the time to Oshihen…..Oppai can justify everything in this cruel world… “I’m gonna die…. OMG She is sooo cute….. “I think these are basketballs or something?? “Her legs are already

Yasusu: "Next Ace? Nothing has been decided."


From 3:00~ “Uhmmmm I thought he already had Paruru in mind…. “Shimazaki is just one of members who plays Atsuko’s Under for existing songs. “Final Day of Tokyo Dome concert

Congratulation, Acchan, on your graduation!! (TV Viewer Rating, Members Blogs etc.)


 .     . “So many pictures of Acchan on the walls!! “Look! Acchan in this photo looks sooooo cute!Is she wearing a sash or something?The word on the sash starts

Summary of Member Comment toward 2nd Reforming of AKB [3/3]


“ Team B’s group photo after the 1st day of TokyoD concert. “ “News clip from Mezamashi, Medley in the late portion of the concert, Reforming of AKB“ Related article: