Miyawaki Sakura’s G+ posts have raised expectations for her being Senbatsu for the next Single

  August 31, 2012
Miyawaki Sakura 8/30 22.48

This is Miyawaki Sakura!!

I made two discoveries recently(^^)
The first one, I discovered it when I visited an Oden restaurant a little before!

When I looked at the hand of a woman who are making an order to a staff at an Oden restaurant,
Wha….. Whuaaaaattt?
I found that mushroom pen that I bought at Tokyo and uploaded on Gugutasu!!

I can’t believe a staff at an Oden restaurant are using the pen when she writes down orders!!
I wonder if she’s feeling embarrassed …(・・;))) 

And the second one, I discovered it today!!

Today, in Tokyo, I ate Monjayaki (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monjayaki) for the first time in my life♪
As you know, we can rarely find Monjayaki restaurants outside Tokyo, so I got a little tensed as I was having Monjayaki.

What? Inside Monjayaki, they put snacks like “Baby starts” or “Karamo~cho”!?!?

So….. this is per for the course for Tokyonians?

Though feeling a little bit uneasy, I took my first bite at Monjayaki..

De…..DELICIOUS (゜ロ゜)(゜ロ゜) 

The second surprise!!

Unlike I imagined, it’s not that difficult to cook Monjayaki, so I would like to cook it at home next time!!



Watanabe Miyuki 8/30 15.50

I will be eating Monjayaki~???



……. This means……

Sakura will be a Senbatsu member? or Under Girls??

28th has 3 different versions, so she has a good chance to be selected for a coupling song!

And today, Milky is with Yuko….

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And their photos of Monjayaki are completely corresponding…. Look at the pattern of the tablecloth,  the electrical hot plate…. these are all the same!

I don’t want to be too much facetious, but tell me, has Sakutaran ChapuChapu’d together with Yuko and Milky??

It seems Haruppi also has been in Tokyo, so if some members will be featured in the next single, it definitely include both Sakura and Haruppi.

Wait. Haruppi clearly said she joined the theater stage (in Hakata).
Probably Haruppi wasn’t selected for Senbatsu this time

But she also suggested she couldn’t afford time to join High-Touch event after the Stage, which may mean she briskly headed for Tokyo?

Maybe we can also consider the possibility that Haruppi is for Under Girls and Sakuratan is for Senbatsu.

Anyway, all they’re suggesting is that the next single will have 3 different versions of MV, which means, Haruppi may be featured one of the three MVs.

By the way, Shinoda joined the filming which took place in a distant place on Aug 30. Probably members who’ve joined this are Senbatsu members

Shinoda Mariko 8/30 11:54am

I’ve come to a place far away from Tokyo for the filming of MV( *`ω´)
Let’s get it done~\(^o^)/
Shinoda Mariko 8/30 7:22pm

The location for the filming is insanely hot…( *`ω´)
It’s environmentally friendly LOL
Can you feel the mood of the filming location from this photo?
Let’s hang in there until night!

Shinoda Mariko 8/30 11:09pm

The filming is finished ( *`ω´) Today’s makeup looks like this. ♪  I’ve been dancing a lot lately and, yeah I danced a lot for today, too. ♪  And the thing is… yeah, it’s far from my home… (ーー;)  I want a “DOKODEMO DOOR”…. Doraemo~~~nnnnNNN ( ; _ ; )/~~~
The filming is over ( *`ω´) Today’s makeup looked like this. ♪  I danced a lot today as well. ♪  Now I’m at the place where is very far from home… (ーー;)  I want a “DOKODEMO DOOR”. ( ; _ ; )/~~~


Sakuratan hasn’t joined all theater Stages this week, while Haruppi has joined all Stages except today (Aug 31). Maybe this means Sakuratan is selected for Senbatsu and Haruppi is for a coupling song?

Sure, those who’ve been in Tokyo for days are Senbatsu members for the next single.
And those who’ve stayed in Tokyo since yesterday night are for coupling songs.

Anyway, members who, based on our source, showed that they were together last night are,
-Tanochan, Tomu, Ryoka
-Renacchi, Annin
-Mariyagi, MiyuMiyu, Miorin
-Kawaei, Juri

So I guess Haruppi will join the filming of MV (coupling song?) with these members.