Watanabe Miyuki’s fishing feat. Oshima Yuko (and 3 other stories with Naana, Gingham Check sales and Sassy’s single)

  August 31, 2012
Watanabe Miyuki 8/30 23:08

I ChapuChapu’d with Yuko-san today ( ̄ー ̄)grin*

( ゚∀゚ ) 


I bet you. Yuko totally groped Milky’s boobs

Without any pictures!?!?

(Letting my imagination run)


You know what? This is what we call “Tomotsuri (Fishing friends)”

Note: Tomosatsu (Photographing friends)

Many members openly leaked that they are now on the filming of new PV.
So this means Milky is one of Senbatsu for the new single, right?

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Watanabe Miyuki 8/30 23:24

I hope I can take more time to ChapuChapu with Yuko-san next time….
Today, we only could have “shower ChapuChapu”…..(´(ェ)`)
But, even so, I got shy (//´∀`*)

And this is a photo of Yuko-san at a dressing room in Tokyo Dome.


So she calls it ChapuChapu when they only took shower together…!!??

29th Single Type-B, Coupling song, “Futari no Shower Time (Two Girls Romantic Shower Time)” – Watanabe Miyuki, Oshima Yuko

I can’t wait to watch the MV!!!!!!!

It’s sound recording of their shower ChapuChapu for 4 minutes. lol

The thing is…… It actually doesn’t sound that unlikely…….


Fujita Nana 8/30 22:42

I’ve done my hair short for the first time in my life!

Now that Tokyo dome concert is over, and it’s time to get a fresh start! So I figured despite I’d been growing my hair long, it’s nice to cut my hair at this timing!

What do you think~><? 
And, today, it was Yukarun’s Seitansai! Congratulation~\(^o^)/


Uhm? She was inspired by Sayanee???

Aigasa Moe 8/30 23:09

Moebanwa( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 
We finished with today’s Stage!
It was the first time we performed Gingham Checkーー♪ (11gen and KKS ver.)

How was my solo dance parts?

And… Yukarun-san!!
Happy birthday\(^o^)/ 

Today’s photo is Naana-san who’s made a fresh start with her new short hairstyle♥


Wow she looks handsome!!

Nishiyama Kyoko 8/30 23:37

Today’s (8/30) Stage at AKB theater was “RESET” by Marin, Naana and A~yaloid plus KKS from 12th and 13th generations!
It was also Yukarun’s Sentansai presented by awesome fans \(^o^)/

For most of KKS, this is the first time they perform after the big stage at Tokyo dome.
That reminded me of how senior members advised each other when they were doing a rehearsal (for theater Stage after Tokyo dome concert series), “Our movement tend to be overly dynamic at times like this, but we should keep it mind that we need to adjust our movement according to a size of a venue.”
“That’s what your senior were talking when they were doing their rehearsal”, I told them.
Anyway, there are a lot of things you can learn from seniors and their experiences.

And today, I spotted a big change of one member’s look!ヽ(゜∀゜)

Q. “I heard it’s the first time you have a short hairstyle!? Ca you tell me a reason why you changed your hairstyle?”

Because Naana used to do Classic ballet, she has always had a long hair.

But as Reformation was announced and she will belong to team K,
“I want to make my presence felt by people in the new team, so I want to appeal myself so that people will notice me.”

Because Saruoba has a very very short hair^^;
Having my hair short is not something that I must be courageous,
but I think doing something “For the first time in one’s life” is somehow a great   thing!


107,399 AKB48
*14,626 UVERworld
**7,240 INFINITE


So a total of 1,014,016 copies the single has sold so far, right?

And now the album (1830m) has sold a total of 946,608 in two weeks after it’s release.

So…. probably this album will be the first AKB’s album that sells one million.
Actually this makes me happier than the single’s million sale!
After all, this is not a compilation of their past songs!! THIS IS THIER ORIGINAL ALBUM!!!

The release date of Sashihara’s 2nd hasn’t yet been determined.
“Tamariba” made an apologize during the broadcast of the TV program.

That’s expected….. Because there’s been no official follow-up announcement…