Milky is taught team B’s routine by Izuta Rina

Watanabe Miyuki 6/21 12:55

Izurina-sensei, thank you so much???

So did they do lesson together???

Though it’s Milky’s fault at all, I have a complex feeling after I saw Izurina’s expression yerterday…..

It’s no brainer Izurina feel frustrated about this….. But she gotta turn it into power to move on…..

If she wants, she can learn from Milky’s fishing/flirting skill and gain a lot of Ota as possible.
Please promote Izurina to a regular member when the time has come for Reformation/Sokaku…..
So Izurina taught Milky in team B’s lesson?
Yeah…. that means…. Milky’s team B debut will come soon…

Izuta Rina 6/21 13:02

It was fun\(^^)/

Thank you so much, too★?

What a nice girl….

I wish her grueling effort will be rewarded some day…..

Members Gravure

I feel it’s new to see Kawaei-chan and Mayuyu together.

Everyone is cute….. but Mayuyu is outstandingly cute….
Look these photos…… How awesome thighs of angle….
Not to mention Mayuyu. But Ricchan (Kawaei Rina) is also very cute!

Mittsu’s room

Mitsumune Kaoru 6/21 12:54

I’ll go for voluntary trainingヽ( ´ー`)ノ
I organized things in my room this morning, but I figured that I don’t have enough bookshelves…
I finally could bring internet my home, by the way ^^

She is completely a Village Bungard type of girl!!(Village Bungard: accessory, book and miscellaneous pop culture goods store)



2nd day’s sales of Maeda Atuko’s 2nd single Bokuha Kimida

148,284 Exile
*23,784 Maeda Atsuko
2 days total
173,270 Exile
*89,419 Maeda Atsuko
**8,571 Kan-Jani∞
LOL Exile is a ridiculously tough opponent…”
Wait…. what’s about theater versions????

I think theater versions sales 30K copies are already included yesterday….
Why do you think they haven’t been included yet???

Itano     Maeda   Watanabe  Sashihara
DearJ    flower   Syncro     SoreSuki
10/01/26 11/06/22 12/02/29 12/05/02
Mon —,—  —,—  —,—  —,—
Tue *86,681  102,483  *50,145  *56,879
Wed *26,404  *28,571  *23,987  *29,528
Thu *12,085  *14,201  *14,914  *12,323
Fri *10,493  *10,104  **8,325  **7,718
Sat *11,769  **8,695  **8,573  **6,049
Sun *11,488  **7,311  **8,142  **5,456
Total 158,920  171,365  114,086  117,953
Week 162,871  176,967  123,237  124,483
Itano    Maeda   Watanabe
  Fuini            KimiBoku      JerryBeans
11/07/13 12/06/20 12/07/25
Mon —,—  —,—  —,—
Tue *50,874  *65,635  
Wed *31,277   *23,784
Thu **6,940  
Fri **5,169  
Sat **4,596  
Sun **4,198  
Alright! I changed my mind! I will buy more!! Uhmmm I was hoping to surpass the sales of the last single, but it seems it’s impossible….
So if we ask TGSK to re-release theater version  at Akusyukai, will he do it??

Unlike Flower, this single has a lot of tied-up campaign, so it may be able to keep selling for a long time

I think we’d better focus on how sales will change from now.
Masaokun ga Iku will hit the screen on this Saturday, and she will make an appearance in Friday Music show Music Station.
If sales will increase a bit on weekends, I’ll be happy.

2nd Screening of the audition for the main role of Miyamoto Amon directed Musical Oz no Mahoutsukai (Wizard of OZ) will be aired in AKBINGO

The audition, which is exclusively held for AKB members, for Drothy the main role of Miyamoto Amon directed musical “Wiz ~ Oz no Mahoutsukai~”, which will be performed in this September and October, is going on now.
186 members of Akihabara 48 project have joined the audition. As this audition is run by Miyamoto Amon, who once talked “I don’t know any member. If you ask me, I only know Akimoto Yasushi-san., this audition is a serious battle and has nothing to do with members’ popularities. I only care about ability!! I need someone who has ability and can seriously devote herself to the musical.

Currently, first screening of the audition was over and 23 members including Umeda Ayaka from AKB48 and Yamamoto Sayaka from NMB48 have passed it. 2nd screening of the audition will be aired in June 27 broadcast of AKBINGO (Nippon TV network, Wed 24:59~), and the winner will be selected on July 2.

Takamina sleeping in suitcase

Tomosatsu by Fresh Lemon.
Bento Oba
Suzuran x J
 Close-up of Mariyagi
 Kappa (Izuta Rina) eating
from Akiyoshi Kyowakoku
Payuyu Potato Chips
Suppin (plain face) Atsuko
LOL Yagi-san is so scary~~~!!

NGO…. you are crossing the line…..

Mysterious person who comes to Rena’s handshake booth everytime

Chief Editor of Scramble Egg Magazine

Rena “At Akusyukai in Nagoya, Someone, who self-acclaims that he graduated  the same school as me, came to me . Though I don’t remember him, he says “I was at the same school……” And when I am going to shake hands with him, he says “It means my loss, if I shake hands with you.” and don’t shake hands with me….. But he comes every time….”