‘Manatsu no Sounds Good!’ Exceeded Total Copy Sales of ‘LOVE Machine’ (and 4 other stories about Not Yet and NMB48)

  June 1, 2012

While AKB48 has been setting up new records in the history of world music scene, Not Yet and Warota are understandably having tough time to sell their latest singles released this week.

Sales of AKB48’s Manatsu no SG! exceeded LOVE Machine by Morning Musume!!!!!

AKB48‘s Manatsu no Sounds Good! sold 1,616,795 copies for the release week, and sold 63,683 copies so far for the second week.
Now the single has sold total 1.68 million copies, exceeding the sales figure of LOVE machine, which has sold total 1,647 million.

Honestly, I’m stunned!!

You can’t mix up  Morning Musume with AKB48 who sell record with tickets for Shake-Hands events and the elections.

I understand what you’re trying to say,
but Morning Musume was peaked in the right middle of CD bubble!!
Even this single LOVE Machine ranked only 7th in the yearly ranking!!

This is amazing given the fact that music industry has suffering severe decline of CD sales in these years!!

Congra~tulation ~~~~♪


So Morning Musume had sold thier CD without any bonus items??
I totally forgot how it was like, as AKB48 completely disrupted my standards of marketing of record business…

Because back then we had to but CD if we want to listen to a song.

I think there’s thing called Napstar.

Finally AKB48 has become the No.1 Idol in the history of the world!!!

No…. there’s one group still above them.
SPEED “White Love” 1.845 million

Sales of Not Yet’s new single Suika Baby

Not Yet (daily breakdown of first week sales)
(Yuko, Sashiko, Kitarie, Yuihan)
▼First week sales
1st    2nd   3rd   *4th
**M —,— —,— —,— —,—
**T *50,563 *75,979 *70,669 *58,113
**W *34,046 *31,277 *31,059 *26,972
**T *15,264 *14,893 *10,198 —,—
**F *14,411 *10,056 *32,805 —,—
**S *31,772 **7,695 **8,173 —,—
**S *10,872 **7,014 **9,931 —,—

DT 156,928 146,914 162,835 —,—
WT 159,678 156,283 171,827 —,—

Warota Owata lol
Wow Not Yet is selling really well despite they didn’t advertise a lot!!
As Yuko Ota, I’m a bit relieved that they dropped the sales number…
It’s not interesting since this time both parties have no intention to drive up sales…
I’m worrying about Not Yet members’s result in the election..
Because… as for Warota, Mayuyu Ota have already abandoned this single to concentrate on the election….
Yeah…. I’m thinking the same thing.
Given the fact that they didn’t do big scale Ads campaign, Not Yet is selling too well…
Velantine  Wink  Kibou   Shonenyo
M —,—  —,—  —,—  —,— 
T *45,355  *30,062  *55,423  *38,033  
W *17,004  *33,023  *13,056  *11,546
T **7,144  **4,740  **5,166
F **7,033  **3,382  **4,526
S **6,191  **3,343  **3,448 
S **7,154  **2,236  **6,642 
T *89,931  *76,786  *88,261    49,579
W *95,321  *80,017  *92,621
T 126,916  *97,266  119,420

It’s likely Warota even won’t reach 60K….!!

That’s how Ota of Warota members consider the election seriously.
All Warota members has to prove that they are still in the game in this election.
It’s not too facetious to expect Mayuyu will place 2nd in the end!
Compared the amount promotion, Warota >>> Not yet.
But Not Yet sell twice as much as Warota!! lol
Maybe one reason is Mayuyu’s solo debut has lost incentive to buy Warota.
This sinlge is gonna be the worst selling single in the history of Warota lol
↑After they become 7 members group.
If you include Watariroka Hashiritai “without 7”, the worst single is Yaruki Hanbi which sold about 10~20K in the first week.
The concept of Warota  “Little sister” is targeting very niche market in the first place.
Besides, members has become old and it’s awkward to call them “Little Sister”.
On top of that, Zandy has joined this group…. 

As NMB48 wrapped up their Osaka Juban Shobu tour, the team announced 3 Surprises at the last venue, Osaka NHK hall.

Tsuyoshi Kaneko on G+ (Manager of NMB theater in Namba)

NMB48 team N
Osaka Juban Shobu in Osaka NHK hall.
The final day!!

We have 3 surprises!!
We here notice you what we announced today!

8th August
NMB48’s 5th Single will be released!!

As members already wrote,
We announced that Ayaka Okita has been promoted to team M!!!!!!!

The last
Kikki JuouMujin Tour!! (Touring through out Kinki region!)
We tour around all 6 prefectures in Kiki!

Announcement of NMB48’s 5th Single

We announced the information about the release of NMB48‘s 5th single.
8th August NMB48 5th single “title: undecided”
Type-A, type-B, type-C, theater version, total 4 versions.
Pre-order of theater version will start from the middle of June.
We will announce detail later on our official blog.

So is it likely Nogizaka46 will release their new single around 8th August??

8th August   NMB48

15th August SKE48
22th August AKB48
I think it will be like this…lol
I don’t have money to buy all of this!
By the way, AKB48‘s next single contains a voting ticket for Request Hour???
I don’t think so.
It will be contained in the single released in fall.
More importantly, what about team N’s original Stage???
↑I think they will announce it around next week?
So they release their single at their usual pace.
But I rather want them to prioritize their original Stage than single….

Announcement of Ayaka Okita’s promotion to team M

We announced about the promotion of Ayaka Okita to team M today.
1gen KKS, Ayaka Okita has been promoted to team M, we announced today’s at NHK hall concert.
Thank you for supporting NMB48 as always.
Ohhhhh Aabon….!! Is this real!!! (; 😉
I’m almost crying!! Aabon’s promotion!! Cry!!

Aabon…. congratulation….(´Д⊂ヽ

It seriously makes me crying….. Aabon…. conglatulation(´;ω;`)ブワッ
But… I can’t help but thinking that team Bll’s captain would be a better position for her…
That’s exactly what I am thinking about…!!
This is the indication of Koyanagi’s graduation???

I don’t think so, but rather, this is the sign of Arisa Koyanagi’s promotion to team Bll !!

Aabon!! Congratulation!!

It really made my day!!
Your personality endear everyone in team N and M.
All Ota and fans know your effort!!

I rather think they should spare her as a “super stand-in”

The reason she can replace Ainyan with short preparation
is because she has a long career.
Though writing this, I feel sorry for her…
I wanted them to wait until the kick start of team Bll, and name Aabon a captain of the team,
as She kindly teaches choreo to 2gen and 3 gen members, and loved by them…
I was thinking Aabon and Arii (Arisa Koyanagi) would lead team Bll…
It’s really hard to understand what management is thinking about.
I’m happy with her promotion, but very worrying about Arii….

Kiki JuouMujin Tour Starts from July

We announced about our next tour series today at Osaka NHK hall.

-NMB48 concert ~Kinki JuouMujin Tour~

18th July Ohtsu city, Shiga
27th July Uji-city, Kyoto
1st Aug   Nara-city, Nara
8th Aug   Wakayama-city, Wakayama
15t Aug   Kobe-city, Hyogo
21th Aug  Osaka-city, Osaka

That’s crazy…lol
All concerts will be held on weekday!!
So on the release date of their new single,  they are in Wakayama…??? lol

No matter when they hold the concerts, it will be ridiculously difficult to get a ticket…
 lol They completely igonore people who have their job.
Why they don’t choose Osaka Joe Hall,
While SKE held their concert at Nihon Gaishi hall??
Maybe next!