Shiseido….. I’ll never forgive you…. (Kojima Haruna played an intimate scene with an actor in new TSUBAKI TV Ads)

  June 21, 2012

Shiseido will launch new commercial for it’s new product “Tsubaki shining” series,w which features famous model Ebihara Yuri, and AKB48 member Kojima Haruna from June 22.
In “Love: Kojima Haruna” episode, Kojima Haruna plays a romantice scene where she, with her beautiful hair flowing in the air, looks at actor Watabe Gohta with their faces close to each other
“AKB48 Kojima Haruna ~Forbidden Love Scene~”
I hate to live in this world…..

(бвб) nyan: “Stay strong.”

Let’s start a boycott of Tsubaki!!!!

That’s impossible…. In the rainy season, I can’t keep my hair smooth and tidy.

What the fuck is this!!!!!!
LOL I’m rather envious of your passion and energy….
I thought we all get used to this kind of things.

But didn’t they kiss each other?
On the one hand you wish for their success in this business, on the other hand you don’t accept them to behave like actresses etc. but not idols…. honestly I can’t understand what you guys want to do…
If they want to do non-idol kind of work, then they gotta graduate AKB48!
But there’s another way to solve it – Ota graduate from being a cherry boy.
Whatta….. I’m…. no che…. che….. cherry boy!!
I’m so sorry….lol
As always Kojima-san’s face when she gets serious about things is so erotic….
What a beautiful nose!!

You’re beautiful…..
YOu’re Beautiful….. (in Japanese accent)

I don’t dislike Gohta but this 2 shot image is a bit off…
Watabe Gohta….. if he is in AKB48, he will never make it in he election…..
If she does this kind of work, then her co-star should be a ridiculously handsome man (then we may be able to manage to accept it)!!
But even this is a play, when they do such a intimate scene, I think if he were a normal man, he would fall in love with her….  He is also a professional actor, ins’t it?
I don’t mind at all, because she is my 2-Oshi.
It’s rather cute!!
But if it were my Oshi….. then I would lose myself….

I think Watabe Gohta is not a right choice for her partner in this commercial, but the scene itself is nice.

I can forgive him because I also have awfully curly hair.

I don’t know much about this actor, but it’s surprising that he could keep rational…..

Come on, this is work. What else she can do, cherry boys!!! lol
It’s not she was making out with Ota.
??? “Keshikaranbai (It’s not good!!)”
??? “KiitenaideSU!! (I was never told this in advance!!)”
??? “Shiseido, Fuzakenzyane-zo!! (Shiseido, don’t do silly things!!)” 
(Mariko, Takamina, Yuko)
Nyan Ota is getting insane….. lol