Ladies and gentlemen, please give me pictures of Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru!

Can your heart stand the stunning beauties of these AKB48 girls???

Maeda Atsuko shares a time when she thought Takamina was too angry LOL

Wingom’s Instant Japanese Lessons: 2 – Giving and Receiving

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Akimoto Sayaka got awesome gift from fan and 1 more on Kobayashi Kana's letter for Suzuki Mariya


1. Kobayashi Kana's letter to Suzuki Mariyanne – Final performance of B5th “Theater no Megami” 2. Akimoto Sayaka got an awesome gift from fan!! ” KK is such a nice girl…. ”

Uekara Mariko, Shitakara Lovetan….. Yokokara KK and 2 more!!


” It’s gonna be interesting~~~~!! ” ” It’s rare to hear that Sayaka had meals with someone elese. ” ” Wait… LOL Kana!! ” KK LOL Mariko-sama sounds like she

Summary of Member Comment toward 2nd Reforming of AKB [3/3]


“ Team B’s group photo after the 1st day of TokyoD concert. “ “News clip from Mezamashi, Medley in the late portion of the concert, Reforming of AKB“ Related article:

Team B members list


Last update: Jun 16 2012 Ishida HarukaAgency: Hori ProductionNickname: HarukyanBirthday: Dec 2 1993Official websiteGoogle plus (English)Official blogTwitter Kasai Tomomi Agency: Hori ProductionNickname: Tomo~mi (Chuu)Birthday: Nov 16 1991Official websitebGoogle plus (English)Official blogTwitter Kashiwagi YukiAgency: Watanabe ProductionNickname:

Where Will They Create Next 48 Group?


“-Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka-Fukuoka-??“Sapporo“Sapporo, of course.“Tsu (Capital city of Mie prefectture, which is very rural)“Tsu, of course.“Hiroshima….. (trembling voice)“I have no intention to offend you but Hiroshima is really nice city~.I am actually

Election tickets should be bundled with Chocolate snacks!!!!! (and 3 other stories on Tokumitsu-san, Wasamin and Churi)


TV caption showed G+ comment of Internet tough girl, Wasamin (Caption) Wasamin “Aichan (Lovetan) Kawaii hummmm (`Д’;) I wanna eat you.” “ LOL Wasamin’s pervert comment on G+ became TV

Fresh Lemon Debuts Her Bikini Body!! (and one other story about Sayaka and Komorin)


Fresh Lemon’s first Bikini photos (with Komorin)!! Making footage “That’s a good news!!“LOL She looks like a primary school child…. lol“This is legal, you guys! Don’t worry…. This is legal…!!“B66 W52.5

Kawaii? Cool? Enough of them! Let’s Talk About Beautiful members!!


“Who are “beautiful members”?? I mean girls who are admired by girls.Kojiharu, Umecha, Mocchi, Annin, Tomu and Nana…..These girls comes first when we talk about beautiful members??“Airi Furukawa(team Kll, who

Harvesting Minegishi (and 3 other topic about Cindy vs Mayuyu, Golfer Suzuran and Mittsu)


After having tried to stop herself from harvesting Minegishi which has grown big enough again and again, KK finally harvest Minegishi to eat(?)!! Kana Kobayashi on G+ Because it received a lot of

Fanmade Election Campaign Poster


Election is the event that we can repay our Oshi-men who always deliver us cheers and smiles. As members are struggling with uneasiness about whether she can share a satisfying

Sayaka Akimoto Shared A Photo She Took With Former Teammate Rumi Yonezawa


Sayaka Akimoto shared a photo she took with her former teammate Rumi Yonezawa through her twitter account. Today (27th) was the final day of the Musical Roman Holiday which Sayaka

Fans Reactions After The Early Result Of AKB 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo


Since around 8:30PM last night, the announcement of the early result of AKB 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo, there’s been the mind-blowing number of comments on underground idol section of 2channel, as they’ve

Saw Her Name For The First Time In The Ranking, How Members Reacted?


In the early result, some members who’ve participated all elections but had never had their names in the ranking finally made their ways to the ranking for the first time!!



GIVE ME FIVE’s full MV (of music part) has uploaded on AKB’s official youtube channel!! Give Me Five! Give Me Five! was sung by a band called Baby Blossom comprising

Mayuyu Got Support from Creators of Ultraman


Tsuburaya production, the creators behind Ultraman series has spoken out that they will support Mayuyu for the upcoming election. Many staffs of Tsuburaya pro is known to be AKB fans

Kaoru Mitsumune’s First G+ Post? Kinda…


This cute iguana who were starring  NOTTV’s program An’ta Dare is named Yukirin for some reason (Obviously staffs are Yukirin fans)  Kami KKS, one-man Takarazuka, current sensation, but actually a nice

Akicha Is Still Growing Taller (and 2 other stories about Rino Sashihara and Nana Fujita)


It’s often said that some members of AKB are actually taller than officially listed heights as they have joined the group young. For instance, Yuki Kashiwagi said herself that she is 165cm