Akicha Is Still Growing Taller (and 2 other stories about Rino Sashihara and Nana Fujita)

  May 15, 2012
Akicha AKB48 WrapUP

It’s often said that some members of AKB are actually taller than officially listed heights as they have joined the group young. For instance, Yuki Kashiwagi said herself that she is 165cm tall rather than her official height of 163cm.
As far as I know, the tallest member of AKB is Shihori Suzuki who is at 172.2cm, but there’s one member who might exceed her height to be the tallest member…

Akicha G+

“I grew taller!!!”

Tuyoshi Osawa (Director of Watanabe Entertainment agency) “So you grew taller, how tall are you now? We need to update your official info ;)”

Akicha “When I measured my height today, it was 166.5cm~~! I’m surprised!(◎_◎;) “

On official website, her height is introduced as 164cm…. She is 20 y/o and still growing!?

After Akicha informed to fans that she got taller, she and other team A members joined A6th Stage 目撃者 / Mokugekisya at AKB theatre. Stand-ins for this event were Marina Kobayashi, Nana Fujita, Ayaka Morikawa and Tomu Mutoh.

Nana Fujita G+

“We finihed today’s Revue, Mokugekisya!

Happy birthday, Katayama-san\(^o^)/\(^o^)/★

And….. I introduced myself to Maeda-san for the first time(>_<)♡ Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa///←← Since I’ve learned a lot of things (from this stage), I will write on it in Mobame (mobile-mail) I was such a fun♪ Thank you so much^^”

Nana Fujita “She was so kind…(>_<)♡ WIsh I can talk to her again^^ Maeda-san is so Kawaii(>_<)!"

According to fans who were at the Revue, the exchange between her and Acchan was like this,

“In the section titled ‘Counseling corner’,

Nana ‘I still can’t talk to Maeda-san with making eye-contact.’
Acchan ‘Me too~’
Nana ‘I can’t utter words, since Maeda-san is so cute~~~.’
Nyan ‘(Nodding deeply)’ <- lol
Acchan ‘Thank you. Joe-chan and Manatsu had been only junior members who said to me that I’m cute.’
Acchan ‘Let’s talk more in another occasion! And…. uhmmm what’s your name??’

Acchan to Haachan
Acchan “Happy birthday Haachan♡, and… Nana-chan♡I remember your name!”

I can picture annoyed and frustrated faces of Paruru… According to some fans, MiyuMiyu (Miyu Takeuchi) has a huge admiration for Acchan, too….

黄金センター / Ougon Center by Team KKS (Coupling to Sakura no Ki ni Narou)

When it comes to Acchan’s recognition to junior members, I can only think of SayaNee (in short Acchan loves her Oppai), Haruu and Miorin. More than a year ago when she was co-starring Kapelsky’s TV Ads with Acchan along with other KKS, I vaguely remember Acchan wrote about FreshLemon (Miorin) on her blog, saying somethings like ‘Miorin is Kawaii. She is my recent favorite. She want us to use her to make Lemon tea. Cute!! I will call her Lemon-chan.’
Hope she still calls Miorn, Lemon-chan 🙂

Meanwhile Costume designer of AKB, Shinobu Kayano uploaded G+ after 8 days.

Shibonu Kayano G+

“Hi there. Radish is the best batch for red bean rice!!

I’m horrified by the fact that I haven’t updated my G+ for 8 days!
I thought it’s like 4days…((((;゚Д゚)))))))

Today we will hold a farewell party for our manager and our colleague.

We did such thing, that thing, this thing.. uhmm did we?

Even if I’ll be overwhelmed by the grief for the loss of you, and cry until no tears are left, I will keep doing my work!

It’s just a metaphor….

Fans reacted to her with comments like,
“What they don’t sell Shake-Hands tickets of you??”
“Red bean rice emerged on G+~~~!!”
“You’re so funny!!”

Shinobu then answered to fan’s question about the costumes of Manatsu no Sounds Good! in ‘heaven’ part.

Shinobu Kayano G+

“Those costumes girls are wearing in MV of Manatsu no SG, they are the real costumes that they had worn in MV of Everyday Cachucha. They’re real!

Uhmm acutually members were more surprised with it than me.

Or I should say… the filming session of that MV was really grueling, as they had to move back and  forth from hot place (Heaven part?) to cold place (Hell part?) again and again…. and they ate sands… (During the filming of hell part, where they are getting soaked in mud?)”

Shinobu G+

“Yeah yeah we will not able to see those costumes….

But look!
Our cute girls in those cute costumes will live forever in your heart!
When you close your eyes, you’ll see that girl’s smile!!
Smile of that girl with Cachucha on her hair….”

Many fans expressed their desperation as this is confirmed by the most reliable source…

Sashiko “XXX san (<- user's name), yeah, it was the real costume of EviKatsu..... I loved that costume too..."

Sashiko “Will you never make costumes like ones of Daruikanji or the middle part of B3th Stage?”

Shibobu “LOL Your comment completely sounds like fans!!

Sashihara’s favorite costume is one of Daruikanji!! This is a trivia!!

I feel like making that kind of costume~~~ for team 4~~~♡ “

Sashiko “I’m Sashiko-Oshi. I think it’s not appropriate to say making those costumes for team 4 when Sashiko is requesting for making them. What does management have in mind? Uhmmmm? Ohunnn?”

LOL This is what AkiP called Monster Parents… if this comment was made by fans it might be immediately deleted but this is Sashiko, she is impersonating Monster Parents to speak up on behalf of their fans!!!