Letter from Yuki Kashiwagi and Haaemon Figure: Birthday Celebration Festival For Haruka Katayama

  May 15, 2012
Though it’s a one-way love or whatever, there’s a special relationship between Haachan and Yukirin. They first met at the audition venue for AKB’s 3rd audition in the winter of 2006.
Once in the TV show, Yukirin named Sae and Haachan as her best friends in AKB members (she is required to name someone as her best friends in the program of the show), but Haachan’s answer was ‘There’s no one who I can call best friends in AKB’. Though she added ‘Our relationship can’t be described as a best friend’.
Yesterday, it’s held Haachan’s birthday celebration festival at AKB theatre. Yukiriin and Lovetan had been there to celebrate this special occasion for Haachan, and Yukirin read her heartwarming letter to Haachan during the event.
“Dear Haachan
How long since I last wrote to you?
Since we’ve been always together, it’s a bit awkward to formally write you a letter like this.
It’s been 5 and half years since we first met. My first impression of Haachan is ‘Good singer, Cute and neat girl’.
But you are reserved and calm…. I’ve been thinking that you have a flavor of Showa era since our first meeting.
We’ve been always together since the audition, we’d been always together while we’re in team B. Look back, Haachan is always be my side.
I have a lot of memories with you. We talked on our way home after our first lesson at the convenient store with Nakayan. We talked about how we do MC. The moment we were presented our first Revue . (Team B’s song) Syonichi was ranked No.1 in Request Hour Setlist Best 100….
We have so many memories that I can’t write down all of them here.
Please tell me your hang-ups, or be selfish occasionally.
I’m confident that I can embrace everything from you.
Let’s make more memories together!
Once again, happy 22th birthday.
From Yuki Kashiwagi”
Special relationship between Yukirin and Haachan can be seen in these fan-made comics too.
This Doraemon-like figure is called Haaemon, the alter ego of Haachan, who lives in the house of Yukirin (Nobita?).
To celebrate Hacchan’s birthday, one fan made a real figure of this Haaemon character and presented (sent) this to her.
Fans reacted to this awesome artwork by leaving comments like these,
“Congratulation for colorlization of Haarmon Manga!
Yukirin’s hair is becoming like a Matarou lol
Anyway, since this is too well-made, it looks as if it was CG!”
“Creator of this figure, and his friend, thank you so much!!”
“This is too awesome (^o^)
Thank you so much for all your work!!
The one and only figure of Haaemon in the world….
And these awesome comic series of Haaemom….
Haachan is a lucky girl!!”
“Good evening★
After wrapped up other works, I rushed to Haachan’s Birthday Celebration Festival with Ami-chan!!
I’m glad that Haachan was pleased by my visit!!
A heartfelt letter from Yukirin!!!
It was touching…
I love you so much Haachan!!!
Happy 22th birthday!
Wish we will ever be close to each other!!
Standing on the stage, Haachan was so tiny as we’ve already known…lol
(She and MaeAmi hadn’t joined the team A’s Revue at that night)
Rina Hirata “Otsukaresamadesu!!”
Lovetan “Haaaachaannn!!!”

With Yukirin reading a letter for her, and Lovetan rushed over to this party, it must be a great Birthday Celebration Festival for Haachan!! Happy belated birthday!!

If you haven’t Haachan’s election appeal video, you must check it out now!! Airan Haachan is ultra awesome