Congratulation, Acchan, on your graduation!! (TV Viewer Rating, Members Blogs etc.)

  August 28, 2012


Shinoda Mariko 8/28

Acchan, congratulations on your graduation( ; _ ; )/~~~


Chikano Rina 1:33am 28 August 2012

Acchan, congratulation on your graduation.

We performed a lot together on stage when I was a Kenkyuusei, and she was so tender and affectionate to me. (´艸`)♪

During all those times, I really felt happy and grateful to you!!

I keep doing my best with strong ambitions that someday I can catch up with you. \(^o^)/

When we took this picture, she told me that I’ve became more beautiful than before(^^)….. ???

Whahhhhhhttt!! I love her so much♥ Big Hug~

Chikano Rina 10:30 8 28 August 2012

Catching up! and Overtake!!!

So many pictures of Acchan on the walls!!

Look! Acchan in this photo looks sooooo cute!
Is she wearing a sash or something?
The word on the sash starts from “不”. Maybe “不器用”??

It looks like this one… lol

“不動のセンター (The Absolute Center)”

Omg lol Anyone can buy this at Loft haha

Takajo Aki 2:31 8 August 2012

Acchan! Congratulation!!

I love your smile!!
I will always be in love with you!!!


Nikkan, Sponichi, Sanspo and Hochi, Acchan’s graduation landed on page one in the 4 major sports newspapers!!

Tomochin, you’ve been amazing for these 7 years, too.
Hope you can go to firework festivals with Atsuko next year~