What kind of troubles AKB48 will have after Acchan’s graduation?

  July 3, 2012
 For example, who play a center for Flying Get and do this Y-shaped pose??

You know what? Tomochin already played a center for Flying Get in that TV show hosted by EXILE.

I think we should concern about Iiwake Maybe rather than Flying Get….!!!

Don’t look down Flying Get!!
For Acchan, Flying Get is also one of the memorable songs that she got a center position by wining the election!!

Uhmmm Tomochin or Yokoyama will succeed her center position?

This smells like a thread for “Chikano”!!!

They will have a trouble with song performance of Majijo Teppen Blues, won’t they? So we need someone by the name of Atsuko!!

Then they can’t fully express how cute Totato is…. (in their song performance of Yasai Sisters) 

They’ve already let other members to play her position in various TV shows or theater performances.
As for Request Hour, I wish that she continued to perform her songs, but it’s so regrettable that they’ve set a rule that graduated members can’t join it.

When it comes to TV shows, Tomochin performed Flying Get as a center more than Acchan, I think? lol

That strange feeling when I saw Tomochin playing a center for Flying Get…

Because when I first watched their performance of Flying Get on TV, Tomochin was a center, so I had felt strange when I saw Maeda plying Tomochin’s position (for me) for a while lol

So how they will do about “audio”!?
In songs from singles, we hear Acchan’s vocal in many parts……

They will have a trouble in a solo part of Sakura no Kinoshitani.
Acchan’s vocal in this part conveys something magnificent energy that I could never feel from AKB as a group….
They will have troubles the most around in this December…. 
So basically there’s nothing but things that trouble them.
I think Ponytail to Chuchu is also a song that can be perfected with Acchan on a stage.
Precisely Acchan and Takamina as double center on a stage.
They’ll have a problem with Heavy Rotation. Especially when it’s performed by team A….
Kimito Bokuno Kankei (by Acchan and Tomochin)
How about let it performed by double Tomomi?
Izurina can play any position.
And team A no longer has Sashihara, too….. They have so much problems to solve if it’s tour concerts…..
And we can no longer see this three shot……

Yeah… This three shot….
The 3 girls is like a pronoun of AKB’s most thriving period… 
Being unable to see them anymore makes me keenly feel the end of the era…. 
That footage where they appear together in “Kuwazu Girai”…. we gotta preserve it in our memory forever….

I think it’s not problematic if Acchan join them when they perform in TV shows, live concerts and events.
Perhaps she won’t join…
I think basically they will reduce performance of AKB’s past popular numbers except Aitakatta and Heavy Rotation as much as possible.
So they need to have another signature piece that can stack up to these 2 songs.
Who sing the first part of AKB Sanjo!?!?
Who plays the protagonist of PV…..
Can they still air the past MVs on TV???
I think they can use it as long as it doesn’t infringe her right of publicity.
To put it simple, it’s no problem as long as she belongs to Ohta Production.
They need to re-decide centers for the past songs…

I’m looking forward to seeing who will play her position in the nationwide tour that starts from this Sep, right after her graduation…..though I would miss her so much…..
It’s like colored pencils “Red” has disappeared…..
From now on, whenever I see performance of Flying Get, I feel a void in my heart from the intro of the song…..
I will realize how precious what I lost only after I lost it…..
As it’s getting real, I started feeling so lonely for Acchan…
Maybe you need them to resume Settoku Beya segment (where guests persuade Acchan to stop her graduation) in Kayoukyoku?
(ヾノ・∀・`) It can’t happen.
They can’t perform Majijo Teppen Blues anymore….
Even though they will perform this song with alternate lyrics,
What can I expect from it when Shimazaki plays a center…..
I think she will appear only in PV of the next Majijo Teppen Blues,
just like Sasae.
They are doing fine without Rinatin and MaiMai, so they can manege to make it without Acchan.
Soon, we will even forget Acchan originally played a center for those songs
It looks like you guys haven’t watched AKB0048…?
They abandoned “Center Nova”!!
They will select a different member for a center of each song.
There’s one more Maeda.