Quiet Shimada Haruka…. (Joke Post)

  July 3, 2012

“Give it everything” Kojima-san

“Cute” Sashiko

“Always get laugh” Takamina

“Butting in everything” Yukirin

“You’re beautiful ~~♪” Miichan

↑LOL That not follows the rule of this thread!! (Describe someone totally opposite to her true personality)

“Bright eyes” Takahashi Juri

“Talkative” Nonaka Misato

“Dancing compactly” Yuko

“Frantically working hard” Paruru

“Dumb Bunny” Nakamatta~

“Noble” Ohya Shizuka

“Skinny” Myao

“Do voluntary training after group lessons” Paruru

“White” Yukirin

“Quiet” Kuwabara Mizuki

“Spending her holiday exactly like she planned” Tano-chan

“148.5cm tall” Mariko-sama

“Knowledgeable” Kobayashi Kana

“Ponkotsu (clumsy or clunky/unofficial nickname for Paruru (sometimes refers to Acchan))” Jurina

“Making tons of TV appearance” Chikari~na

Humble Momochi (Tokunaga Momoko from Berryz Kobo. Her favorite remark: “I’m like the 5th most popular member in Berryz Kobo but if I were a member of AKB48, I’m sure that I win the No.1 in the election.”)

“Being allergic to vulgar jokes” Ogiso-tan

“Flat chested” Ohba Mina

“Fisher/Flirter” Paruru

“Having Big Breasts” Sae-chan

“Ugly” Me

↑LOL That not follows the rule of this thread!! (Describe someone totally opposite to her true personality)

“Getting sick due to a tough schedule” Chikari~na ;_;

“Forever out of the ranking in the elections” Maeda Atsuko

“Getting ridiculously huge promotion” Nakatsuka Tomomi

“Pessimistic” Chikari~~na

Mayuyu “in team A”

“Poor at reading the situation” Sayaka

“No Eyebrow hair” Aamin

“Fragile” Okaro like “just touching her makes her bone broken”

“After a live concert, she takes an initiative to organize a after-the-work party, books and navigate members to the restaurant” Yukirin

“Vegetarian” Shinobu

“Talking ridiculously smooth like an announcer” Unagi

“Gorgeous Osechi (traditional Japanese New Year food)” Manatsu

“Got a low kick and collapsed to her knees” Akicha

“Big head” Fresh Lemon

 “Got a low kick and collapsed to her knees” Mocchi

“A polemist who talks very logically” Komori

Acchan “eats little”

“Never trembling” Yokoyama

“Being a best friends with Acchan” Manatsu

“PONKOTSU” Sayanee

“JabuJabu” Milky (When she is talking a bath in a very cute and girly manner, we can say ChapuChapu, while when she messes around in a bath like a boss we say JabuJabu.)

“Not making an excuse” Akimoto Yasushi

“Very weak at Janken” Ucchi

“Never trying to make funny remarks” Shinoda Mariko

“Ponkotsu” Mistumune

“Wait… you look exactly the same in person!!” Miyao

“Completely ignoring AkiP in any occasion” Miichan
“Remembering all branch offices members names” Acchan

“My” Yukirin

“Doing everything half-heartedly” Yuihan

“KKS” Maeda Atsuko

“Not being interested in young girls” Yuihan

“Often being a target of Hentai” Mocchi

“Speak fluent standard Japanese” Ohya-san and Kitahara-san

“Getting latest information ridiculously fast” Itano Tomomi

“She wears Samue on her off time” Kojima Haruna

*This is Tomochin

“Acting like a Yankee at handshake event” Da~Su~

“Can’t get a birthday cake because Acchan ate it all” Itano Tomomi

“Super salty (cold and dull) reaction at handshake event” Da~Su~

↑ LOL If it would become true, I would cry!

“Never running out of stamina during Stage performance” Mukaida Manatsu

“Hating to take a bath (ChapuChapu)” Milky

“Having a negative attitude” Jurina

Twin tower “that don’t support each other”
*twin tower: Okaro and Sae

“Fresh Lemon ni Narenaino~~ (I can’t become Fresh Lemon~~)”


Yuasa Hiroshi on the move
*Manager of SKE48 theater

“Sucking up to fans and people with power” Tomochin

↑ NooooooooOOOOO lol

“Completely revealing her forehead” Mayuyu

“Loving pink color and ribbon” Akimoto Sayaka

“Eternal peace in 2chan’s Undergound idol section”

“Strolling around all naked” Takamina

“Hating on putting ribbon” Takamina

“Forever Senbatsu” Nakayan

“Having a perfect taste of fashion” Katayama Haruka

“Glamour erotic body” Takamina

“Speaking standard Japanese” Yuihan

“Sure she is poker-face” Mariko

“Mukku look-alike” Miichan

*Mukku in the right, Gachapin (Miichan look-alike) in the left

“Frequently saving Pokemon game” Yuukosu

“Speaking Japanese super fluently” Hilary

“Looks-wise very boring” Tomo~mi

“Never squeezing lemon onto Karaage” Sayanee