What SKE48 Otas are Thinking About Jurina’s Concurrent Post in Team K

  June 2, 2012

“Personally, I am thinking it’s about time to stop being Ota when Jurina is fully transferred to AKB48.

Because Yuasa (manager of SKE48 theater) openly said Jurina = Center of SKE48 and she is irreplaceable, it’s gonna be a problem….
I want them to experiment Yuria Kizaki as a center….
By the way, I think if SKE’s performance will be aired nation-widely, then, personally, looks wise I don’t think Churi is suitable for a center (thought she should be if the canter will be chosen accordingly to members’ popularity)…..

“There is no member who can replace you.” “Your appearance on the stage makes a significant difference in the whole stage performance!!!” “Recently she got an aura…. She has the most professional attitude among SKE members. I mean “Jurina=SKE48″.”

I am rather expecting an exciting progress of SKE48 members to succeed Jurina…!
By the way, maybe this complicated reception is because Jurina was crying at AKB theater??

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“When she was greeting the fans, struck by fans’ enthusiastic chants, she had a teary face”

What does her tears mean??
It’s out of happiness that fans embraced her warmly??

When it’s announced at SSA, she was shedding tears, shaking her head. It looked like tears of “refusal”…

I all against their move that they let her perform her first stage in team K before the election…. (and let her be absent from team S’s stage on 30th May in order to concentrate on the preparation for this stage)

How about seriously making rebellion against AkiP’s rule?
I guess if SEK rebels against AkiP’s rule, AkiP would be willingly accept this as he likes this kind of idea lol
But will SKE have a future in this way?

I think he was already suggesting that he will stop being a producer of branch offices… (in a interview conducted by a gossip magazine)

If Milky and Jurina’s temporally transfer to team B and K will turn out to be wrong choice…. he said….

AkiP on G+

“Thank you for your passionate messages.
“Please explain to us properly”
Explaining properly is very important , but I can’t explain everything just yet.

For Jurina, her health and studies are of the utmost importance. She overworks herself from feeling responsible as one of the 2 top of SKE. The competition in a positive sense between her and Rena stops her from resting.
My feeling is that from what I heard in the meeting with the staff, she will not take time off unless we make her a concurrent member who only performs when the schedule allows her to.
It’s hard to tell her to just take time off when SKE is working so hard. But if that time is use to talk to Oshima and Itano of AKB, learn new songs for performances, then that time will be well spent for her growth, as well as SKE trying to evolve to make up for the absence of Jurina.

For Miyuki, she has been going back and forth between being confident and not confident. She always asks her manager where she should stand before any video or photo shoot. When Sayaka  Yamamoto of NMB made it into Senbatsu and she didn’t, she came to me crying and asked me “Why was it not me?” As one of the 2top of NMB, and possibly a center position member in the future, I want her to learn the charismatic attitude of Kashiwagi and Mayu.

I hope that Team K and Team B who will be receiving these new members will be influenced by Jyurinas high potentials and Miyuki’ s enchanting attitude.

I believe that this is going to benefit SKE and NMB.
If this decision proves to be a failure, I am willing to resign my position as the producer of SKE and NMB.

if it prove to be a failure for AKB to, I will resign my position as a producer of AKB.

AKB group has to move forward, even if that makes me risk my job, “

I was shocked when they announced this action, but I even more shocked or rather I got angry when she joined team K’s stage as if it’s a natural consequence of the story….
If things continue in this way, I…. might be the anti of 48 group itself…
You don’t feel shocked when she joins AKB48’s Senbatsu members?
Because Senbaatsu for  AKB48’s singles are Senbatsu for all 48 groups, I don’t feel shocked from it.
It’s totally different from becoming a member of team K.
I don’t mind whether she will fully transfer to team K or it’s just a temporal transfer….
but at least I want her to quit the center position of SKE…
I can’t accept her occupying the center of SKE while she is a member of team K at the same time….
It’s just unreasonable to not give other members chance to be a center.
Jurina always gets special treatment…..
I think she should be fully transferred to team K. Concurrent position will just make things complicated.
It’s just because they couldn’t imagine that Ota would fiercely oppose  to the full transfer of Jurina. They ended up with this halfway measures…. to avoid a mess….
But if they continue to do things in this vague manner, then we will continue to be shaken by their decisions…
If she doesn’t fully transfer, then return her to SKE48 as soon as possible!
Jurina Matsui
“Today, all fans and members welcomed me warmly…. thank you so much!!
I still have a lot to improve!!
I want to be able to say “Perfect” proudly soon☆
I’m looking forward to the next Stage♡
Thank you for your continued support!! And please support me as a member of Team K as well!!
It was sooo fun!!!!”

So she want to go ahead as a member of team K….

Honestly, I think it’s ridiculous to join the theater stage of team K when she rarely make an appearance in team S’s stage…
Though it’s not Jurina’s fault, but adults’ around her…
Give us some members from AKB48 as a compensation!!
But who will be the good fit for SKE48???
I can’t think of any members other than Rie Kitahara and Mika Komori
Personally I’m not quite sure that I could support any member who came to SKE48 as a compensation for Jurina….
I rather want to give a chance to other younger members of SKE48, even though they are still lacking abilities compared to those AKB members.
If it’s concurrent post, then they should let her to appear the stage of team K and S equally!!
If they can’t, then they should fully transfer her to team K.
Why Ota drag her legs when this is the great opportunity for her to learn things from AKB members?
She will never feel fine if her fans react like this….

She is not a kind of talent who should end her career in SKE48!!
Though she has been a target of bashing because of unfair promotion, nobody can’t deny the fact that she has the biggest potential!  Besides, she is young!!

Think about it, AKB48 is the place to grow up to reach the dream goal!!
If she abandons SKE48 for her dream, then I will willingly accept this!!!

If you’re a real fan, then why you can’t warmly send her off with a smile???

It’s not that I’m supporting only Jurina, but I’m a fan of SKE48 itself.
Present situation is no good for SKE48 as a team, so how can I smile with this?
You are trying to say that I gotta prioritize Jurina’s personal benefit before SKE48‘s benefit??

But if Jurina successfully forges her career in Tokyo, then other members will also be motivated!!
After all, Show-Biz is all about Tokyo….
If you want members to continue to perform their stages in Nagoya forever, then our discussion will be never settled down.
If you care about members, then…. I think you can embrace this pain…
No matter what you say, I’m a fan of SKE48, not individual members.
This move is obviously not taking SKE48‘s benefit into consideration. It’s all about AKiP and AKB48‘s selfish ego….
Maybe you are attached to your “local” team…. but ultimately idols are individual entities…. I don’t care whether it’s good for team or not on this matter.
They must go to Tokyo to have more opportunities in Sho-Biz world…
We’d better convince ourselves that SKE, NMB, and HKT are like small local sports teams…
Prospects should be transferred to professional league so that professional league will be more prosperous.
And it also gives younger generations of local sports teams opportunities to shine…!

No… SKE gotta declare independent on 4th July…
I can’t stand for being stolen our members anymore…

If you want to choose the way not to be involved in AKB48, then you deny the breakthrough of Gekikara and Sawako Hata.…???

As for Rena or Jurina….. they have become rapidly popular even though they are the members of this local team – that made it difficult for them to join stages of team S.-  I rather think this is something we can proud of….!!
But full transfer is a something completely different story.
It’s a story about SKE’s fundamental significance of existence….
If it really is that complicating story – becoming popular in SKE48, so move to AKB48 –
then, it will be a question of SKE’s fundamental significance of existence….
But….. I think Jurina’s case is just because – AkiP loves Jurina – this is the only reason!
As SKE Ota, what I fear the most is not that they steal SKE’s members,
but that tons of unpopular members of AKB48 will be transferred to SKE48!

I’ve been worrying what would happen at the final day of Tokyo dome concert…
They are preparing something completely sweeps the grim mood after Acchan’s graduation….
I only have this bad feeling for the upcoming Tokyo dome concert…
The reason behind Jurina and Milky’s transfer is that AKB48 failed to grow youngsters to succeed top members…
I feel it’s absurd that branch suffers the damage for this AKB48’s own falut….
By the way, even he said this is limited-period, he hasn’t yet given the specific period….
That’s one of the reason that things has gotten so complicated….
He also could say “We promise you!! Jurina and Milky will never fully transfer to AKB48!!”
Though it’s also ridiculous to literally believe what management says lol
If Jurina was a girl who’s been doing almost all of her activities in SKE48, and suddenly would become a member of AKB48, then I can feel sympathy for you… 
But her debut single is Ogoe Diamond
She has been both AKB48 and SKE48 since her debut, so I think this transfer is a natural consequence.

You obviously know nothing about her….
She has been always stating that she is joining Senbtasu for AKB48 with the attitude to promote SKE48 to larger audiences…
And the shared feeling among SKE fans is that her attitude has been a bit heart-breaking while reliable at the same time.
It’s totally different from the present situation that she has become almost completely a member of AKB48…

As for Jurina, I already gave up her…..
From the beginning AkiP wanted Jurina to come to Tokyo once she finished with her mandatory education…

If this move becomes a AKB’s system of some sort, and they will continue to steal our members, then I will get mad.
But since this is Jurina, I rather want to think this is just a special treatment for her.
But why Milky also transferred to AKB48???
One possible reason is he didn’t want it to be so overt… wait…. he’d been doing his Ohi-Men a lot of favor so overtly already lol
So naturally, it’s because AkiP favors Milky, too.
After all the problem is – SKE Ota is in the situation that they have no choice but contribute to AKB48’s sales
This time, even tough SKE48 got the momentum with their last single KataΦ, because of this weird release date, we had to prioritize the election rather than SKE48‘s single sales…. and SKE48 ended up dropping the sales number from the last single…
You know what? AkiP has never said – after finished this limited-time concurrent position, Jurina will then again become a full-time member of team S
The reason for her concurrent position is not to fill the hole after Yone but he felt “Potential to be a star” from her… 
How come we could confidently say after finishing the period of holding concurrent position in AKB and SKE, things would back to the original state???
Anyway, as you already knew, AkiP has no intention to let Jurina leave AKB48.
The reason he temporarily let Jurina hold her position in SKE is because when he announced the full transfer of Jurina to AKB48, members were so shocked that they severely opposed to him.
So he “added” that Jurina will hold concurrent position in “SKE”, which means, when we get used to seeing Jurina in team K, he will announce the temporal concurrent position ends and Jurina will become a full-time member of “team K”.
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