Members can know their rankings and votes in general elections (and 6 other stories on Bunshun, NMB’s Neko, SKE in Ariyoshi, Hippie Kitarie, HKT48, Yuka looks-alike)

  July 4, 2012

Members can know their rankings and the numbers of votes they got in the general election

Q. Do you want to know your ranking and the number of votes you got in the general election?

A.Actually I aksed it right after it’s finished(´ー`)ノ

So… I know my ranking and the number of votes I got.
Everyone thank you so much for voting for Madoka(*´ω`*)

(※from Umemoto Madoka’s blog)

This is astounding!!

Well… so if they ask, they can be taught their election result…

(Surprised!!) Do Members know their rankings!?

Let’s face the cruel reality….. there might be some members who got only around 100 votes…

I guess some will graduate after they were told their results…

How many votes did the member who ranked the bottom…..
I just wish it wouldn’t be 0…..

I didn’t know they can be taught their rankings….
So even the member who got the booby prize would be told her result??
I guess most probably some members only got double digit votes….. how mentally tough AKB members are….

NMB48 Takano Yui looks like Masuda Yuka

Don’t you think this girl looks like Yuttan?

Yeah Yeah Yuttan Yuttan
Whatta?? Is she from NMB!? Well I saw a delusion…

She is Takano Yui from NMB, isn’t she?
She is often told that she looks alike Yuka from fans at handshake events.

Maybe it’s because her mouth and make-up? She resembles all the more Yuttan.
Thank you so much~~

She is like “(Yuka + Yukirin) / 2”~(・ω・) 

HKT48 Sugamoto and Anai guide you to Harajuku

You can watch MOVIE: 

LOL I saw this for the first time.

I saved it and watched tons of times. Yuukosu is damn cute when she put Neko-Mimi (cat ears) in NicoNicoDoga’s HQ~

( ^ω^) lick lick
( ^ω^) lick lick
( ^ω^) lick lick

Even though it’s Harajuku (where young people gather from all over the world), I think few people noticed that they are HKT members…

When did they film this kind of thing??
In the scene when they are having crepes, my ear catched someone is talking about AruAruGekijo (The TV program in which HKT48 and NBM48 appear).

Kitarie in “Hippie” style 

Saving this photo is prohibited under the respective laws.
From Young Jump no.32 

What the hell? She is DAMN CUTE!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much!!!!!!!
I immediately saved them all!!!

An astonishingly beautiful girl exists!!!

Thank you~~
Rie-chan in 60’s style….. CUTE!

Princess of Young JumpYJ

This style suits her so much!

My princess~~~~~!!!!

How cute these Cats are….

LOL Her butt!! Half naked!! lol lol lol  
I saved it at the speed of light!!! lol

You can watch this level of thier half naked butts in the MV of Nagiichi, can’t you?

Ohhhh smooth smooth softy softy bouncy plumpy~~~


OMG Come on both Milky and Sayaee were half revealing their pumlp butts~~~ (;´Д`)

Bunshun to release the official guide book of AKB48’s upcoming Tokyo Dome concert!!!

I got this breaking news mail from SevenNet~~~

■”AKB48 Tokyo Dome official guide book (tentative title)”

⇒This is the official guide book of AKB48’s upcoming Tokyo Dome concert which wil be held from Aug 24 to 26 for three days.

 Because AKB48 will mark the end of the first chaptor of ther group’s history as they will be realizing their initial goal to hold concerts at Tokyo Dome, this guide book mainly focus on the chronicle of AKB’s past activities.

 It will also features AKB48’s indisputable Ace Maeda Atsuko who will graduate on the next day they wrapped up their first Tokyo Dome concerts at AKB48 theater.
This guidebook is also supposed to be a good read for those who just started to learn about AKB48.

Bunshun will release the official guidebook at this timing???
Smelling…. I can smell behind the scenes negotiations…. lol

It seems they’ve finally reached reconciliation…… maybe?

Bunshun’s issue, in which they reported Sashihara’s scandal sold 700K copies only for first 2 days after the release….
Though it’s not because of Sashihara but Ozawa Ichiro (politician)
Anyway, it’s so scary that thye act in such a explicit way that make us think like “What the hell is going on, anyway!??!?” lol

SKE members will appear in Ariyoshi Kyowakoku for the first time, airing will be in the middle of August

SKE’s Ogiso Shiori-chan’s official blog

Today, I joined the filming of Ariyoshi Kyowakoku!! I was with Rena-san, Churi-tan, Suda-kun and Shiori-chan.
We are the first members to join the TV show from SKE(・ω・)

It seems they couldn’t fully enjoy the filming as Takayanagi expressed her regret on her official blog….

If this is a move by AKS, then sooner or later HKT will appear the show, too.

Kojima Haruna on twitter
There also is my favorite segment!! Noro-oyakata’s Sumo battle〜☆〜(ゝ。∂)

Maybe because Nonty guets the show, they do something like what they did for Nogizaka vs Sashiko?

Probably, yes.
Somethins like “AKB vs SKE”? Anyway it will only last for one or 2 weeks.

I heard the airing date would be changed but it would probably start from Aug 14 and last for 3 weeks!!! (*^^*ゞ
(※From offocial blog of Suda Akari)