Mayuyuloid Anime AKB0048, (3 more stories about Takamina, Milky and Paruru)

  May 8, 2012
After yesterday’s team 4’s Revue concert at TDC… Haruu uploaded a photo where members can be seen forming a circle before the stage on her G+.

Haruu (島田晴香) G+

“TDC (Tokyo Dome City)

見逃した君たちへ2 / Minogashita Monotachihe 2

僕の太陽 / Boku no Taiyou  revival Revue concert <- 1st stage of Team 4 (Oct 2011~)

We finished our Revue concert~~!!

We carefully checked choreography and MC of each member today!!

It was really fun!!(#^.^#)”

Haruu uploaded a photo in which Team 4 members are forming a circle with this post!!

Fans reacted to this with comments like,

“Paruru lol”

“Ponkotsu…. don’t forget forming a circle! lol”

“Ohhh Nooo she is a deja vu of Atsuko…”

Acchan is famous for her unique behavior when members are forming their pre-show circle.

Acchan is glued to her cellphone while Takamina is speaking to members in a circle
She (far left) is also placing her hand in the center of a circle with toothbrush in her mouth 

“If Paruru was holding toothbrush in her mouth, then it’ll be perfect!!”

“I think she was looking at stereogram!! It can only explain why she was staring at paper so seriously is”

While in Osaka, Milky celebrated her teammate’s birthday celebration festival with an avantgarde composition.

Milky (渡辺美優紀) G+

Alii’s (小柳有沙) birthday celebration party~~~!!

Happy birthday~~~♥♥♥♥♥”

Milky and Alii, who is being celebrated by Milky for her birthday

What is up with the angle in this picture!?!? She was definitely emulating Waruky when she was taking this photo!!

Meanwhile, back in Tokyo, there’s another story about yesterday’s No Sleeves, Mariko, and AkiP’s meeting at Tane.

Mariko on her blog:

“Minami ordered (at Tane)…. 

Chicken Curry (and Hamburg Steak!)
……..No, it’s not in her room…this photo was taken at cafe Tane

Fans reacted showing little upset, commenting like this,

“Mariko-sama thank you sooooo much!!

“Nonnn, this photo made unable to sleep….. Uhmmmm (sexy whisper)”
“Takamina’s pants are worn by Miichan. (!?)”
So what was Takamina’s fashion based on yesterday? I searched through members blog, but I could only found this one from Takamina’s No Sleeves blog.
It’s up to your imagination…
Meanwhile, AKB fans who are also Ani-Ota, uploaded pics of Mayuyu (or her animated alter ego) in the Anime.
This is what real Mayuyu looks like!!!

[animetitanz] akb0048 2 (raw) 投稿者 AnimeTiTanZ

Sapo, Himawari, Paraste, Momoiro, fc2

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