Tomorrow will roll around, and all joking aside, we will see the result announcement live (worldwide).
This is my first AKB election since I’ve become a fan of AKB…. so I am so excited….
Please give your advice all beginners including me on how to enjoy the election to the fullest!!

How Atsuko Maeda is reacting to….??

She is taking a nap!!

Whether seemingly fixed order/hierarchy of 5 top members from NMB48, Sayanee, Milky, Nana, Ainyan and Maachun will be broken.

The girl who has seen the world, Ayaka Umeda will make her way to Senbatsu!!?!?

I think last year she pumped her fists in the air at the stage….. so I guess it alluded to her miracle as a preliminary…

Jurina’s ranking and the number of votes.

This election is dubbed “Generation change” as our ultimate Ace will graduates.
So… I am paying close attention to the rankings of Mayuyu, Sassy, Jurina, Paruru and Milky.

Goddess of G+, Kaori Matsumura’s fate.

26th (retired number for Nacchan) and 19th (Lucky number as Jurina, Rino and Yuihan placed this ranking in the previous elections).

Who win the election?
That’s it.
Actually, it won’t make any significant difference whether she can barely manage to join Senbatsu or rnot, because even though she will make many media appearance including MV as Senbatsu, she won’t be captured by camera.

And you just can casually enjoy the announcement of  17~64th.
We may get excited with announcement of all top64 members, but our excitement for rankings below 16th won’t last longer. One week after, we will be like “Yeah I vaguely remember XX ranked in XX…”

LOL Don’t be too serious!!

It’s almost certain Yuko will be No.1…..

Da~Su~ vs Paruru (The Definition of Professional vs Ponkotsu)
Paruru vs Manatsu (Ponkotsu in Tokyo vs Ponkotsu in Nagoya)

Kojiharu’s serious comment.

17th, 33th and 49th. Who will be centers for each groups?

Winner’s seat will fall back and the winner dives into burning hot water bath.

You gotta pay attention to other members’ reactions!!

Will members who are rumored to be abandoned by most of their Ota drop their rankings?

Making a direct appeal speech to AkiP.

Yuuka Nakanishi, the successor of AKB spirit, will still rank in top64 in the final result?

Whether my little sister’s Oshi-men Tomomi Kasai will be selected for Senbatsu or not. If she fails, I’ll cry…

Kaori Matsumura 11:45~
“I heard some people bought many CDs and voted for me….. But I am worrying if you have scrimped to put up the money…. I don’t want you to push yourself too much.
You gave me so much love and support… and I’m worrying if I can repay you…. so I am making my best effort at Shake-Hands event…… ” (4th June at Hands-Shake event, Kaori Matsumura was advised by TGSK when her lane got very crowded and long as she was taking too much time for each fan. TGSK was said to had a wry smile as he left her booth after talked to her. :))


This year .. I never let you weep bitter tears…
I never make you feel sorrow which you had last year …
As you were listening to Chance no Junban (order of chance), you wet your pillow by your tears…. but now that it was all past.
I never let them write “Muramatsu” in record credits…
We will prove that Kaori Matsumura is not something you can treat lightly…!
This year, we will see you standing on the stage of Budo-Kan!!!
Kaotan… only few days are left before you will start captivate whole nation with you smile!!!

Oh I forgot her….
Tomu Mutoh

Yeah! I wish she can step onto the stage at Budo-Kan!!!

I dare to make a serious advice.
-How the rankings of girls who made surprise in the early result, will change?? (Good surprise: Tomu, Airin, Kaorin, Bad surprise: Sayaka, Mocchi)
-Girls who are around 16th (Umechan, Minegishi, Kitahara, Kasai, Sayanee, Milky, Churi, Amina, Paruru)
-Where Kuumin and Yuria who had a bitter experience in the last election rank in?
-Jurina can keep her lead til the end?? Or Kojiharu overtakes her?
-Will we see true potential of Rena Ota, who are said to refrain voting before the early result.
-Who will appear from the out of rankings? (Komorin, Suuchan etc.)

Team A’s final result, whose members were all ranked in in the early result.

The only member ranked in top64 from HKT, Sayaka Etoh will survive???

How much Sayanee, the true Ace and captain of all 48 groups, will come close to the top position??

16th, the position where fierce fight has been expected…..
~The moment, Ota(‘s reaction) made the history~

Yeah, if Senbatsu is formed with 16 members, then its’s better to rank in 16th and selected for Snbtasu than than rank in 17th and being a center of Undergirls.

Some says 17th for center of Undergirls  is better than 16th. But I can’t agree with this, as last year, obviously it made a huge difference whether she is a Senbatsu member or not.

But this year, Undergirls also have commercial tie-up.
So if she is 17th, then she may be starred in the commercial.

Whether HKT wiped out or not….
And…. how members of team A,K,B who ended up out of ranking react in their G+ or blogs…

I think HKT’s fate will be up to whether Ota concentrate on their votes on member.
But…. probably they will be extinguished…

Points of 4th general election
-Center will almost certainly be that girl??? So who will get 2nd position?
-Will she able to live up to the hype?? Sashiko’s momentum will last til the final day???
-W-Matsui from SKE48 will break the rule of Kami8!!??
-Fierce competition for Senbatsu positions. So who will win in the end? Regular Senbatsu members who are fighting for survival?? Or Umechan and 2 top from NMB48 will put an end to regular Senbatsu members’ era??
-Amina, Masuda, Sayaka, Mocchi and Harugon who were outdone by SKE and NMB members can regain their lost ground??
-Who will jump into 19th, the seat for next Osare-men. And… who will rank in 26th, the place being dominated by Nacchan for 3 years.
-Will Nifuji, Komori Suuchan, Saskiko come back in top64???
-KKS trio, Tomu, Kaorin and Sayaka Etoh can survive?
-Will all members of team A rank in top64?

It’s no surprise if Kaoru’s name is called.

Miracle of Amina.
Kojiharu’s last spurt.

After all, what I really care about is scramble fight around 16th….

-Will team B members, Yukirin and Mayuyu, beat the old regime of team A and K???
-After all, who do Acchan Ota vote for?
-How about rise of next generation, team 4?
-Where Sashihara, the center of attention, will rank in???
-Destiny fulfilled? Umechan will come back to Senbatsu?
-Miichan and Kitarie, regular Senbatsu members are facing difficult battle against strong contenders from NMB48.
-Will Undergirls will be the showcase of fresh bloods from Branch offices’ members, as most of members at HQ lose out their position to them?

I don’t mind if they incorporate humor into this serious event such as –  Ncchan is sitting on the chair for a member who ranks in 26th even before the announcement of ranking starts.

I guess AkiP already finished writing a song which Yuko plays a center position.

I don’t mind if the election single (27th) will be titled “Good Bye Acchan”…
And…. they will make the first performance of the song at Tokyo Dome concert in August.

We still can’t be sure that Yuko will be No.1…

Members who are on the borderline between Senbatsu and Undergirls are really close to each other in the early result.
Who will survive this toughest battle and make it to Senbatsu???
12th Yui Yokoyama 4,301votes
13th Aki Takajo 3,661票
14th Ayaka Umeda 3,484票
15th Minami Minegishi 3,396票
16th Rie Kitarie 3,302票
17th Tomomi Kasai 3,227票
18th Sayaka Yamamoto 3,218票
19th Miyuki Watanabe 2,976票

Maybe it’s because my favorites members are concentrated in this area, but I think even objectively speaking, we will see the most dramatic moment during 13-18th.

Yeah…. 13-18th are as much interesting as who becomes No.1..!!
64th and below 64th,
16th and below 16th, are completely different like heaven and hell, so I’m paying attention to these points.
And I don’t care much about top members since we will see more less familiar faces.
Typhoon will come close to Tokyo on 6th….. There’s a storm brewing…..

Is this your first election since you’ve become fan of AKB48? 2nd? 3rd? Or even 4th?? Whatever your career would be, it’s he first time we can experience this historic event, live and worldwide!!
How you enjoy this event, and if storm will come, what kind of surprise it’s gonna be? Share your thoughts in comments form\^o^/