No matter where I am, Jurina Matsui is Jurina Matsui

  June 5, 2012

From Jurina’s blog

Recently , many people say to me, “As an SKE fan, I have mixed feelings…. but I wish you good luck.”

Please don’t have complicated feelings(>_<)
No matter where I am, Jurina Matsui is Jurina Matsui.

When I am standing on the stage, dancing, singing on the stage of Team K, I always have SKE on my mind.

So what do I mean?
When people come to Team K’s stage and see me,
then these people who are supporting Team K… may come to be interested in SKE48….

I want them to come to the theater Stage,
and I am also hoping that people who support SKE or people who support me will come to like Team K…

Don’t you think it’s a wonderful thing?

Honestly…. when my concurrent position in Team K was announced, I was very surprised!!

But…after I actually joined Team K’s stage, and spent time as a member of Team K,

I somehow came to understand the reason for this concurrent position…. or….. the meaning of it…..

So……… Please don’t have complicated feelings….
Stop feeling that way from today 😉

I’m thinking positively on this…..
And…. I can enjoy standing on both stages of Teams’ S and K.( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
Why? Because I have you who are supporting me, and my beloved members are always beside me!!!

Thank you so much…

And… I hope I can walk my way together with you, so please keep supporting me! It’s what keeps me going 😉

Good morning Jurina!!!(^∀^)ノ
I guess so many people have made those kinds of comments to her…This is her last gesture of determination, I guess….
If there are SKE fans who still can’t stop complaining, then please realize that you are becoming Anti…
Jurina expressed her opinion and feeling in her own words…
This made me so happy and reassured it’s a right choice to have supported her in these years…..
Jurina has a really strong will!!

How can I describe this….
She is urging fans to stop hating AKB48 for stealing her….
But there’s a warmth underneath her writing. 

I kind of feel motherliness from 15 year old Jurina….