Saru Obasan’s Members Introduction – Yuihan (and 2 other stories on Karen and Lovetan)

  June 19, 2012

Karen-chan watched Nemousu/Kami TV

Iwata Karen 9PM 6/18

I was at the lesson★

I had a good sweat~

Oh, so I managed to watch yesterday’s Nemousu/Kami TV lol (ネ申 reads Neomusu. It’s a internet slang form for 神/Kami)

Seriously, it was awful…

Karen-san, who was frequently skipped gym classes when she was at an elementary shool, was so surprised at how poorly coordinated she actually is~♪←←←

I didn’t think I said “うえッ(Uwe: moaning voice)” that much…lol

So after all, we gotta have exercise!←

That’s it, bye-cha☆Noshi

Tano Yuka “I also watch the show lol Because I got all A in mat exercises(・3・)Am I amazing?”
Kojima Natsuki “I’m eating raw ham!!”

Iwata Karen “Yuka~~ Teach me~~~~~lol”

“Lovetan tells a lie!!” (Lovetan yo Uso wo Tsuke!!)

Ohta Aika 11PM 6/18

Good night★


Tell a lie~~~~!!

 So I had a hair cut.

I go blonde!!!


My hair is already getting longer…. I thought I had a hair cut only a little while ago….

Maybe it’s about time to go to a hair salon!!

So this is what’s up with me (What is what’s up with me lol??)

I am having a stomach ache……

Uhmmmm~~~! But it’s too troublesome to go to hospital lol

I wanna drink something hot!! Nya!


Saru-Obasan (Monkey Aunty)’s members’ introduction

Nishiyama Kyoko 0AM 6/19 (Public Relation Manager for AKS)

Today 18th June was K6th Reset Stage.
Yuko-chan appeared on AKB theater’s stage for the first time since 31th Jan!!!
Sing, dance…. I had an impression that the venue was exactly “too small” (for dynamic performance of her and other members) (^_-)

So today, we had members from 1gen to 13gen, (and Under members were watching the show for study.)

*Under is the more specific word for stand-in. “Who is for whose stand-in” is pre-determined, and we say XX is Under of YY. Usually KKS members are Under of regular members, but it’s not always the case(such as in television show, we sometimes see top members do Under for other top members).

SaruOba asked 9gen member Yuihan, who has become matured lately ^^;

“What does Theatre Stage mean to Yuihan?”

“Who I am today would never have been possible without theater Stage.”
“Whenever important moments happen, I am on theatre stages.

The reason she was very quick to change clothes and clean (especially toilets) was because,
“As I had less experienced than other members, I wanted to find something that I can become No.1.”

From Yuihan, I feel her growth as she has more got experience, but something that will never change as time passes as well.

This is where everything has started

Nishiyama Kyoko  6/14

Today’s AKB theater was B5th シアターの女神/Goddess of Theater.
I’m so sorry to you that Suuchan (Satoh Sumire) left the stage halfway through the show due to sickness….m(_ _)m

By the way, today, we had Mayuyu on a stage of AKB theater after a long time ^^;

When I talk about Mayuyu, she once talked, “I went to see Takarazuka musical show on a day off.” during the stage MC at AKB theater and many other occasions. So she is what we call “Zuka-fan”….

So Mayuyu is….
①She herself is a fan of Takarazuka.
②As a member of AKB48, she also has her own fans.

That’s why I asked her.\(^o^)/

Not to mention audience at AKB theater, fans on GUGUTASU are also looking forward to seeing you (^_-)

“Cheer someone because you like the person” is  “Heart Support”