Karen-chan’s Cute Mistake In Kanji Test (and 2 other stories about Milky and Suika Baby)

  May 25, 2012

Karen-chan made cute mistake in Kanji reading and writing test…

Karen Iwata on G+ (posted on 3:53AM)

“Dear students who are studying late at night like me★
And… adult people who stay up late★
Are you still awake\(^o^)/??
I’m now studying Japanese!! “S…S..S…Sour man”!!”
My Kanji is in a state of Chaos!!!! (ToT)
So… let’s walk the extra mile with me!!!★ Noshi←←←←”

Yuka Tano
 “LOL I guess you deliberately made this mistake(*゚∀゚) LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)(*゚∀゚)”

Anna Iriyama
“工夫=えおっと<~ This is a joke, isn't it?? Even kids in an elementary school know this!!"

Karen-chan’s last G+ update was posted around 0AM last night and she’d studied til 4AM…!? She may have made this mistake because she was too sleepy during this test, I guess… (ToT)

After the lesson for the choreography of songs in NMB48’s new single, Milky yesterday couldn’t find Sayanee to go eating together, ended up eat Omurice alone.

Miyuki Watanabe on G+

“Sayaka~~~ Where’re you right now?”

“I’m hungry…”

“After all I came to a restaurant alone(*´Д`)
Leek and Troro Omurice (<- !?!?)
This is my current favorite♡♥!!
The point is not leek but Troro♘!

Kei Joenishi “Noooooo…..!!! I wanted to have Omurice with youー(゜д゜)!!!”

Miyuki Watanabe “Keicchi(´・ω・`)”

Kei Joenishi “Milky!!!!”

Miyuki Watanabe “Kei-chan, I’m almost finishing my lunch lol”

Haruka Shimazaki “It sounds yummyʕू•̫͡•ूʔ❣I’m evious of you♪”

(After she finished the lunch…)

Miyuki Watanabe “And now for Lesson!! Fight!!”

Rena Katoh “Wish your best♡”

I searched through internet to find where she had this Omurice… and found Omurice restaurant chain “Palette” and another Omurice restaurant “Omurice maison” have Leek and Troro Omurice on their menu!


Yui Yokoyama on G+

“I found a watermelon!
Though I took this photo inside but somehow it looks like taken outside under the sunshineo(^▽^)o
Beach Ball!!
I heard this is not for sale(>_<)"

Not Yet’s upcoming new single “Suika Baby” contains Yuihan’s solo number “May”, and will go on sale on 30th May!! The single also has the song, “Guilty Love”, written its lyric by Kitarie.