AKB48’s Party has begun.

AKB48 wrapped up 22-days-long their revival Revue concert series Minogashita Kimitachie2 yesterday at TDC hall.
The last stage for this concert series was filled with sweet and bitter nostalgia as it was AKB48‘s first ever stage A1st PARTY ga Hajimaruyo, originally run from Dec 8 in 2005 to  Mar 31 in 2006, and it had the announcement of the specific dates of upcoming AKB48‘s “first ever” Tokyo Dome concert, the dream goal of the group since it’s kick start 6 years ago.

Members shared their feeling for this stage on her blog or G+, the sentiments different from each member to member, but that is all because this stage and this day (May 24) has marked the first step of AKB48 to successfully accomplish the “beginning of AKB48’s next stage” Tokyo Dome concert.

Kitarie “3ji no Oyatsu”


Yesterday was the final day of of Minogashita Kimitachie!!

It was A1st PARTY ga Hajimaruyo Stage

This is the first time for me to join this stage….

And! Thinking upon AKB48 started with this Party stage…. made me get so tense!

But at the same time, I’m grateful that I was allowed to join this stage, which gave the birth to AKB48.

It was fun~~~~!!!

By the way the unit I performed in was “Kiss ha Dameyo” (originally performed by Kazumi Urano, Mai Oshima and Shiho Watanabe)

This was also the first time for me and I got tense, too~あせる

But I tried my best to align my dance with Mariko-sama and Akicha‘s,
and I am satisfied with what we could do on our stage ラブラブ!アップ
This Minogashita Kimitachie Revue series again convinced me that “stage is fun”!!!

Yuko “Yu~rari Yuko”


“A1st PARTY ga Hajimaruyo Stage….. it reminds me dear old memories~~(´Д`)

Wearing this 6 yeas old costume makes me feel awkward~~~~

Today… is the last day that these faces perform this stage together…..
Thinking about this made me (positively) enjoy this stage

Oh but… one thing I noticed……
Acchan’s necktie was crooked since the time of AKB48’s first stage!! lol  


(Yuko -chan is recently uploading off-shot photos from the filming session of Manatsu’s MV don’t miss cute pics from the white beach in Guam)

Tomochin “TOMO”

Minogashita Kimitachie2, the last stage was A1th PARTY.

Soaking myself into seltlist of this stage reminds me the early period of AKB48….
It’s like a sentimental feeling of first love that makes my heart feel tight.

Those old hard days has now become a good memory.

The costume for Aozora no Sobaniite (coupling to the AKB’s ( indie)2nd single Skirt, Hirari) now doesn’t suit me more than then!! But I don’t care at all….lol

Mariko “mariko shinoda diary”

“The Final Day”

“Today is the final day of Minogashita Kimitachie Revue series.

…(after took photos of Takamina and Nyannyan)

Now (A)1st Stage PARTY ga Hajimaruyo starts!! Here we go!

Looking back everything has started from this Stage… 
(Mariko joined the original this 1st stage of AKB48 from Jan 22th)

Then 14 year old Minami has now become really strong and almost prop and stay of the group….

This 6 years old costume is…… a bit embarrassing for members including me….

(But these 2 girls) Don’t look wrong at all

Yeah KawaiiEntryImage.gif

Atsuko sometimes exchanges message with space aliens (during her random and sudden meditations)

I liked Anata to Chiristmas Eve performed by the two girlsEntryImage.gif

Here we go !!1282213854-300679.gif

I dare to take this 3-shot photo of adult trio!!

We don’t accept any complaint lol

We wrapped up our final day!
People who came to the concert venue, or movie theaters, thank you so muchEntryImage.gif
This Revue series was full of great songs and wonderful stages.
It was sooooo much funDIMG0191.GIF

Today, as we were leaving the concert venue, Nyaro 0002.gif0003.gif gave me this wonderful gift.
She presented me this iPhone case (with our 顔文字/Kaomoji on it~~!!)


Mariko on twitter

“It forms hear-shape!”

“I’d forgotten that I took a lot of off-shot phtos~~~( *`ω´) I’ll share with you some day〜♪”