Team A Held Closing Day Party To Encourage Sashiko After Their Revue Concert

  May 6, 2012

After their Revue concert in Minogashita Kimitachihe 2, team A memebers went to have dinner together.

Mariko-sama (篠田麻里子) G+
“We just finished our Revue at TDCH ( *`ω´) It was soooo much fun♪We were excited sooo much\(^o^)/All of us will go to have dinner together(´Д` )I’m hungryーー!”

Some fans couldn’t help speculating what each member’s position in this photo explicitly means…. Their reactions include “Sashiko’s position at the rehearsal was also like this (she looks alienated??)” “Aamin (前田亜美) looks like loner… ” “Harugon is with no doublt sitting in the center!!!” “LOL Haachan as always secured her regular position beside Lovetan.” “Shiichan!! Don’t hit Wasamin!!”
This dinner was supposed to congratulate Sashiko, who yesterday accomplished her 300 times updates challenge.
Harugon G+
“We are having dinner together!!!
Sassy~~~! Congrats~~!!
And….. Soredemo Sukidayo!!!
Go GO Sashiko! Let’s beat Nogizaka!!!!”
? It looks like a hotel’s  banquet hall…. and behind Sashiko there’re staffs of AKB? And… why only team A can hold this intimate party after their concert??
According to team A Oshi, there are several members who are good at planning and managing this kind of party, while in team K and B, leading figures are not kind of persons who like holding party such as Yukirin, Yuko or Sayaka. (All of them are great leaders of the group, but I think Yuko and Sayaka prefer Yakitori and Sake party to this girly one. lol And both of them like to be alone, or kind of person who don’t feel pain being alone.)
So who am I talking about? Of course it’s a president of AKB members, Mariko! She knows how to hold parties with management’s expense.
Mocchii G+
We utilize a little time while we are waiting for desserts!
They (Nakayan, Lovetan, Harugon and Haachan) will perform tomorrow’s team B’s B3rd Revue~


Mariko G+
“Team A’s Sashiko cheering party!! All of team A members are supporting Sashiko!!!
Negative Sashiko!!
Soredemo Sukidayo~~~\(^o^)/Fight~~~~!!”
Where’s Takamina??????
Fans reacted to tiny Takamina with commetns like these, “Takamina in this kind of Photos always drop down on her knees in center.” “LOL She doesn’t have to drop down since she is already tiny!!!” “Please people! She is obviously standing on her feet!!” 
Of course not everyone were talking about Takamina. Other comments include, “Why don’t they go to record stores and promote her record like being a store staff selling Sashiko’s record!?!?” “If they really do that, I’ll be overwhelmed….” “Sashiko looks sooooo tired…..” “Yeah face expression conveys her uneasiness…” “It’s rare to see Assan and Kojima-san at far back of photo.” “I remember All of team A members attended AkiP’s birthday. It’s really a consolidated team! The only thing we regret is Acchan’s graduation…. Who will fill the void of her leaving?”