Sashiko Successfully Accomplished Her 300 G+ Posts Within 24 hours Challenge!!

  May 5, 2012

First of all, Congratulation Sashiko!! On her way to 300 updates, she posted a lot of funny posts, so go ahead to check them out!

KitaRie’s Sadako is Seriously Sadako

Sashiko G+

“This photo is too real that I hesitated to publish…”

akb48 wrapup rie kitahara
Oh yeah it’s Sadako!

Fans reacted with pleasing comments like these, “Hooray!! KitaRie is talented in acting in horror movie!!” No… NO…. This is No GOod Kitarie!!!” “Rie-chan you should not do this on G+!! This Sadako impersonation must be censored!!! “

Takamina without Ribbon is cute!

Sashiko G+
Takamina-chan Kawaii~~~!” (Who is a girl behind her -> Shiichan! She completely disguised herself!?)
akb48 wrapup takamina minami takahashi
Noooooooooo!!!!! Ribbon without Takamina is not Takaminaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Fans reactions include comments like these, “Takamina kawaii!!!!” “I think it’s fine! She looks more sophisticated!!” “Finally she gave up her signature ribbon!?” “It’s not Takamina whom we are talking about!!” “νTakamina” “I’m shocked!!”

Idol who consult Horse Racing Newspaper to make a bet

Sashiko G+

“Kojiharu-san is glued to Horse Racing newspaper…. I envy her…. I want to become 20 y/o soon and make a bet!!!

akb48 wrapup

Marina Kobayashi “I want to do it too!!”

LoL it’s not just an idol, but she is the most beautiful idol of the most popular girls idol group in Japan!!

But most of fans reacted to one parts of her body…. “Nyan-san…. where’s your boobs??”

Kojiharu is talking to a man who knows horse racing well.

One fan shouted to this photo, “Kojiharu!! Watch out!! This guy is looking at your panty!! lol”

Lovetan gave a kiss to Sashiko

Sashiko G+

“A, a, a, Ai-chan kissed me, I don’t know why!!! But I’m happy!!! BTW she said she was eating mackerel simmered in miso, so her kiss tasted like that!! lol”

Akicha Chuuu!!”

Lovetan fans protested her with comments like these, “Don’t insert your tongue!!” “Call police!!!!” “Don’t assault Lovetan in public!!” “Lovetan has seemed to be really in easy mood lately… Maybe now it’s good chance for Haachan and Mujineki(Wasamin)!!” “After some twists and turns she ended up liking Sashihara. But it’s just because she has been Tsundere since way back she joined AKB!” “So if I eat mackerel simmered in miso,  I can taste Lovetan’s kiss??” “Thank you Sashiko, I’ll eat mackerel simmered in miso for today’s dinner.”

Maestro Illustrator Haachan Gifted Sashiko Her Art piece

Sashiko G+

This is Haanchan’s drawing of me… It’s seriously scary…. Soredemo Sukidayo (I love you nonetheless) Thank you so much(.・v・)ノ

What happened to her body!?!? Wait I know a similar Anime character to this girl!!

Sashiko Accomplished 300 Updates within 24 hours challenge this year!!!

Sashiko G+

“300!! Thank you so much for people who have supported me!!!! It’s all thanks to your help, I caould achieve this challenge!! I think I’ve become stronger, because I don’t care what others say to me, and I can’t care them when I came to this point (of exhaustion)… I always want to walk along with you. Thank you so much!!”

Yes it’s finished… yeah I know what you are probably thinking… but no.. there’s no accident or crazy things. She just achieved her set goal, what else can we expect from her?? :))
Fans comments include “What??? It’s finished already??” “Sassyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Good Jobbbb!” “She finished leaving one hour without any accident!? lol” “At least she could let us take a peak of her boobs..” “Wow don’t ask her too much!?!!” “Good lord!! Don’t ask a person for something which she doesn’t have!!” “So afterall Hilary couldn’t get 1st comment…..” “Staffs ‘Why didn’t we set her goal 345 updates (345 = Sa Shi Ko)'” “How will they do next year?? 400 times may be hard for any kinds of media!!” “What really amazing is all of her 300 posts filled up with 500 comments!!” “It’s because Sashi-Ota on two channel were cooperating together, announcing which of her posts didn’t reached 500 comments and armies filled the rest!!” “LOL Total 168,364 comments!!???” 

Though there’s no great excitement, you’ve done a good job! Please massage your breasts and take a rest!!

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