There are so many Ota in this world, but I think AKB-Ota is one of the most awesome Ota among all Ota tribes. This collection of Gif Animation is merely a tiny proof of it, yet explain enough how idol-Ota in 2010’s are new types.

From two channel “Thread for just pasting hilarious AKB gif animation

Hengao fever
 Okaro Kick!!!!
No one can beat Okaro and Yuko in this category!
 Lovely relationship between Kojiharu and Sashiko
Sakiko and Sae
Not Yet
 Sae & SayaNee
 Sashiko and Rena in stage comedy
 Wasamin, Reinyan, Komori
 Yuko “The way Takamina moves is ill.”
 Yuihan (Niloni)
 Nagamari and Suzuran
 Takamina in Harem
Chikano From Behind Kojiharu
 Impersonating Takamina
I like this move!!
Yuria Kick!!
Straight Right!! Haruu!
J sexually assaulted by Mariko
All About Mayuyu in 4 images