Matsui Rena: “I have a thing that I must face, but I want to remain as I used to be.”

  July 4, 2012

July 02 2012 23:59


It’s been 3 or even 4 years (since we started SKE48). Time passes so fast…
Looking back, these couple of years have passed so fast….
We had happy moments as well as tough moments….
But everything we’ve experienced helped us grow, I think.
Now I have a thing that I must face….. but still I can put it off for a little more time.
I want to remain as I used to be for a little more…
I’m sorry for being selfish….
Thank you so much for today.
Good night and,
See you tomorrow.

(from Matsui Rena’s official blog)

Graduation? Or she is being forced to do something with regards to her transfer to Grick?
Or will she start to live alone in Tokyo?
After reading this, I have an impression that sooner than later she will have to reveal what she mentioned in this post?
It looks like she will graduate…..
Her tears in the Miyamoto Amon’s audition……several things that suggest her graduation occurred in a row recently…
Honestly, if Rena would graduate SKE, it would render enormous damage to the group, so I’m sure it wouldn’t happen.
Yeah… it will cause an unrecoverable damage to SKE because there is still no one who can replace Rena’s role…..
Maybe we shouldn’t read between the lines too much?
If she graduates now, she will be like the repeat of Oshima Mai, I think? Leaving the group actually will do good for her as she can be liberated from the restraint she has to accept as a member of 48 groups…

Sure, Rena’s current situation reminds of MaiMai…. MaiMai had been also somewhat alienated in the group in the last period of her. Though I don’t think Rena will be able to do fine in this business like MaiMai.
If this means her transfer to AKB48, it would be team A???
I don’t think this management let her transfer to team A…..
Consider the fact that it would break the balance between each team, they won’t steal any popular members from team S.
And transfer means that they would take up a precious spot for KKS, so at least she needs to be as young as KKS.
Don’t graduate…!! Seriously……!!!!
So she’s suffered a lot of problems and distresses actually…..
She has been having a lot of tough moments where our eyes can’t see…..
It’s so heart breaking to imagine how she’s feeling….
It sounds like “I have to keep it secret but I want people to know this”…..
I kinda feel this is SOS sign from Rena….
In the first half, she is looking back her period in SKE, and affirmed that it was a good experience for her.
In the last half, she stated “I have a thing that I have to face.” But she wants to stay at the place that she’s been before the time has come that she has to face it…. And this is where she revealed her, in her word, selfish wish.
What drew my attention is that she said “she has a little more time”…. Is this a kind of thing that she can announce on her own will, or something that management will decide the timing of it’s announcement??

Anyway, what is this thing is about? Because she suggested “Change” from the present state, as she wrote about her past in the first half, there’s a high possibility that she would announce her graduation….
So I finally figured out what she’s been worrying about lately…..
If she would remain in SKE, she would never realize her dream to become an actress……
But….. graduating SKE won’t change anything….
—2 years later—-
Rena: “Akimoto-sensei, nobody offers work to me here…..”
Rena “Maybe I had a wrong idea that only breathing the air of Grick makes me able to fly sky high…..”
Certainly in SKE, the only type of work that she can get plenty is handshake…..
Maybe Amon and the general election made her realized that there’s not much time left for her….. or she was inspired by Maeda…?
If SKE would lose Rena, I think SKE will be overtaken by NMB….
Anyway, for those who knows how awful SKE’s management is, it’s natural that she wants to graduate.
How come she wants to stay in SKE if she is serious about her future career….. after 4 years in SKE, she still can’t get any job offer except SKE-related work…..
If she would have astonisingly increased her ranking like Kashiwagi, she would have had a chance to get non-SKE-related work….
Maybe she realized that she can’t go any further by handshake…… and how meaningless what she’s been doing is…..
In the last 12 months, sha has shook hands with countless of people, she revealed her body to the limit on magazines Gravures…. and ended up (virtually) having decreased her ranking by one…… orz
And the type of work she gets would never change if she remains in this group….
Maybe this is the crossroad for SKE, too. Without the group’s star, SKE will soon lose it’s traction, but for Rena, she won’t have chance to get non-SKE-related work if she remains in this group……
Actually, SKE has completely failed to increase media exposure in their local town.
They have improved almost nothing from 2009 in terms of media exposure.
The only regular TV programs of SKE is “SKE48 Sekai Seifuku Joshi”…
Mary (captain) has made a regular appearance on Friday evening show, but it doesn’t help market SKE to the public at all….
I think she is almost 100% talking about graduation….
“I have a thing that I must face.”
Maybe, after she heard Tomonyan’s word on her graduation, she made up her mind that she will have to think about giving up her position in order to give chance to young members.
If she get serious about her dream to become an actress, then she must study in more suitable place rather than SKE48.

“But still I have can put it off for a little more time. So…. I want to remain as I used to be for a little more…”
She may teach what she has got to young members? She is thinking about what she can do and leave for SKE before she graduates the group?
She want to stay with members a little more….
She was talking something like, “July is a turning point or a period that she experience various things to improve herself.”
So she will start new work from August, I think.
Is there any chance that AKB and SKE will merge together?
I don’t know how much scale it would be, but there would be “shuffle”, I think?
Because AkiP has been suggesting of “foreign exchange”.
Rena will become 21 this year…
If she is Seiyu, she can still be considered pretty young, but as an idol or actress, 21 is too late to start her career??
If she is in her early 20’s, it doesn’t matter at all.
Those models who have started their career as an actress have almost all started acting work since their early 20’s
But the thing is….. looks-wise we can’t say Rena can stack up to those actresses.
I’m a newbie fan and when I watched her in the general election, I was struck by her beauty. How noble, clean, translucent and beautiful Rena is, I thought.
But sure, it would be difficult for her to market herself only with her looks.
I wish she could improve her acting skill in SKE48…..
I somehow love her aura that conveys fragility or frailness which makes me want to protect her….and I think this inborn aura she exude can be a great asset for her as an actress….
Anyway, it somehow seems that her graduation is approaching….
“still I have can put it off for a little more time.
So…. I want to remain as I used to be for a little more…”
Which means she will not be able to stay as she used to be when the time has come, right?
So where she will go?
I think she will have a concurrent position in team A.
Don’t worry I can assure you that she won’t be transferred to Jakarta.