Official Trailer of Rena Matsui’s Upcoming DVD & Blu-ray Now on Youtube

  May 30, 2012
Finally it’s a time to buy Blu-ray Disk Player…

Rena Matsui, member of popular idol group SKE48, will release DVD & Blu-ray Kingyo Bachi (Goldfish bowl), which contains making footage of her 1st photobook Kingyo (Goldfish) on 25th July. This marks the first commercial  video clip release of  an individual member from SKE48.

Rena’s 1st photobook Kingyo includes shots from her daily life as well as translucent and mystical images of her. The DVD & Blu-ray contains photoshooting session of the photobook as well as video clips of “Rena going to see Billboard Ads of of her photobook”, “Interview to commemorate the release of the photobook” and “20 questions to 20 y/o Rena”.
Rena sent a comment to fans: “Kingyo Bachi is filled with deep essence of me taken from Kingyo. Please looking forward to the release.”
Official trailer of this DVD & Blu-ray is now on Youtube.
Source Mumo
AVBD-91966 ¥2,940 (tax in)
Bonus: Original photos (randomly selected 2 photos from total 6)
AVXD-91623 ¥3,990 (tax in)
Bonus: A3 size reversible original poster
Main content: Making footage of Rena Matsui’s first photobook Kingyo
Bonus clips: Interview etc.
(total approx 90 min)