AKB48 28th Single UZA, MV will be unveiled tomorrow

  October 2, 2012

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I don't think the MV will be uncool when the song has that cool tune!
It will follow the style of Beginner? Can't wait for it!

Wait?  Again, that director? I have a bad feeling….

↑Because Gingham Check was well-made adn excellent, I think it's gonna be alright!

↑…. seriously?

Oh hell, this sucks, once again that Gingham guy!?!? 

Gangnam Style???

Again? Hell no!! This time, who is forced to kiss a guy!?!?

Because I love the MV of Gingham, I'm looking forward to this,

But I'm also eager to watch director Takahashi verion's MV of Gingham….

I have an impression Joseph's style will suit songs like UZA better than Gingham


Anyway, his taste doesn't fit Japanese taste buds.

The director is the same guy for the MV of Gingham, his name is Joseph…

How much did this make me disappointed…

I wonder if he once again commits things like Yukirin's Kiss that no body would appreciate…

According to voices on twitter,

Jurina is the main cast of MV.

In the double center scene, Yuko has no closeup shot while Jurina got tons of closeups!!!!

Is this AKB's MV?

Or SKE's PV?

I have a bad feeling that we might see tons of Jurina's Anti on 2ch…

Joseph Kahn…

Akimoto will once again make another version to fix the mess?

Or he ordered something to Joseph so that he doesn't need to ask director Takahashi to make a better version….??

Anyway, I understand this Joseph guy just want to grab money in Japan but completely ridiculing AKB48 fans.

Jurina is in a police costume with garter belt??

Why does he have such a poor repertoire…

Didn't know this Joseph guy can't have any notable work in USA these days….

I didn't expect he will work on AKB's MV for 2 consecutive singles…

Once again he will make MV filled with “My favorite Japanese Otaku Cluture”…. Enough of it…

Once again the same director…. Kinda disappointed.

But because he is better at making MV for songs like UZA than Gingham, I feel okay….

Once again, we'll see mixing up all sorts of stuffs like they do for Hollywood movies….

Gingham Check's MV does have cool visual, but it completely lacks the story.

That's why Show  Fight and Bohemian are my heavy rotation while I rarely re-watch Gingham's MV….

I actually like Gingham Check's MV… But I know I will be bashed when I make a comment that support Joseph….

Gingham's MV is shit or… how to put it?

I just don't get it.

Or I should say because it completely lacks something captivating, I can't find it worth try to understand it.

Lineup of members transformation in Uza's MV

Jurina: American police woman?

Yuko, Milky: Ballerina

Mayuyu, Rena: Black Goths

Yukirin, Miyawaki Sakura: Clown

Mariko, Kojiharu: Goth Loli (kind of like Sexy princess)

Takamina, Sayanee, Yuihan: Clean and neat Cinderella

Tomochin, Sashihara, Minegishi: ?

↑Sounds like Korekara Wonderland lol (これからワンダーランド)

LOL Poor Yukirin Ota…




  1. Mark Weber says:

    with this lineup I can’t do anything but looking forward to it 😀

  2. Bob says:


  3. KudoShinichikun says:

    Yay~~~ Just cant wait…. Its only 5 hours away!!!

  4. moofuq says:

    Joseph Kahn?? Again? This guy broke my heart by making Yukirin kissed a guy in GC’s PV. 😛
    I don’t want Hollywood style,where romance is such an important thing, for AKB’s MV .

    • cryt says:

      Gingham Check music was romantic style, but UZA is more techno and probably will focus more on dancing than storyline. So I don’t think there’s gonna be another kissing/romance scene, but I hope there will be a dance battle scene (girls vs guys maybe?)

      • moofuq says:

        Have you heard the lyrics? UZA is also about love and in more aggressive way. Flying Get is about love and the PV is such a badass where they do Kung-Fu. Or at least make it like Heavy Rotation MV… XD
        Well, let’s hope this UZA’ MV will turn out so cool without unimportant romance scene.
        Though how dare this guy make Yukirin as a clown?? Is he playing with Yukirin’s fans or what?
        For notable director from USA, his work for GC is kinda suck. The MV is only about stereotyped images of Japan’s popular culture.

        • cryt says:

          Gingham Check is nothing close to badass, so I understand why he went with the soft romantic approach, and the theme was famous movies so I guess that’s why it seemed stereotyped cause all the best classical movie genres get remade and parodied over time.

          Kahn doesn’t do fanservice, just raw sensual appeal like in those rap and hip-hop videos he directs…. so no, not Heavy Rotation like, I would be scared if he directed with a sexy theme, it will kill the innocent idol image and become kpop.

          But I wouldn’t worry about romance this time, how are they suppose to fit it in this supposedly cool MV? And the Gingham outfits were pretty awesome, so maybe Yukirin’s clown outfit will not be so bad, the only good clown girl outfit I can think of right now is Batman’s Harley Quinn.

    • Tommy says:

      Mate! That’s exactly how Japanese Yukirin Ota reacted to Joseph’s direction! Fandom without borders!

  5. cryt says:

    Yes! Joseph Kahn, I like how he incorporated romance in Gingham Check, since all those movie genre tropes always have a romantic interest, it’s very Hollywood like. I’m expecting multiple viewings just like Gingham Check, since it’s probably gonna be mind blowing.

    UZA’s music style fits better under Kahn’s MV direction since he used to direct all those American MTV videos in the 2000’s (Britney Spear’s Toxic) .

    • Enami says:

      I’m glad to see that there are people like you.
      I think the same way as you, I’m expecting many things from this Joseph Kahn and his style will suit UZA’s one, I’m looking forward to watch it ^^

  6. Hanabiratachi says:

    GC is one of the best AKB video ok~~
    I trust Joseph Kahn + Goth AKB? <3
    We get idol AKB almost the whole yr. let change things up~

  7. LC says:

    no notable work in USA???? a total misconception! joseph kahn has directed some of the best american music videos of all time! (gravel pit, everybody (backstreet’s back), sweet escape, say my name, etc etc etc…) gingham check is not my favorite work by him, but i’m still super excited to see UZA.

    • moofuq says:

      I bet they know Kahn is a great director but they said “these days”. In 2011 Kahn only directed one MV. This year is only 4 including GC and UZA

  8. ダンテ says:

    I’m still not a huge fan of Gingham Check except the outfits so hopefully this one will blow my mind. Please UZA MV be awesome. I mean the Choreo is really cool and energetic and I really like this song. So hopefully the MV makes it even more cool! I’m looking forward~

  9. Bartle-D says:

    Although Yukirin’s not my Oshimen, I don’t really like Gingham Check PV
    But his style’s quite suited with UZA more than Gingham Check, I hope that director would not make me disappoint again (= =”)

  10. Marty says:

    Y’know, it could just be me, but because I don’t like fancy PVs, I’m not looking forward to the MV. If it has have a storyline like ‘Flying Get’ then that’s fine, but I always felt simple was best. I love the old sakura-themed AKB PVs and “GIVE ME FIVE” was probably the best AKB PV ever created.

  11. Anoooonn says:

    Just my opinion, sorry if it offends anyone…

    I don’t like any recent AKB PVs, especially Gingham Check. It feels so…un-AKB to me – the flashy, flamboyant style, multiple unrelated stories, incoherent storyline,… It feels so…kpop, like they’re trying to show off, which turns me off so much.

    I like AKB and their old style, their old PVs. Sure, they look a lot cheaper than GC but they make sense, they’re trying to send a message across – which makes me find AKB so inspirational in its earlier days. I’m not bashing kpop but I find the majority of Kpop MVs and GC to be similar – flashy, looks expensive but empty when it comes to meaning, there purely to show off flashy outfits and cool sets. AKB didn’t need that to succeed. One can argue that their school-themed PVs, or even their breakthrough songs – Oogoe, River, Beginner,… – aren’t as flashy as GC but they’re still well-received. Sorry for sounding like an elitist prude but I really want the old AKB back.

    • Hanabiratachi says:

      GC was suppose to be random for lulz. There is no point. That’s why it’s awesome. There’s no point wondering why it doesn’t make sense if it’s not his intention to make sense
      AKB grew up..you can’t expect these mature girls who are mostly 18 and over to do the same stuffs they did back then. Not to mention they’re the national idol…they can’t do simple things and blend in with the other girl groups. Btw I never found AKB inspirational beside their more serious PVs. Their old PVs were fresh and nice but honestly I don’t think videos like Oogoe or Ponytail have an “impact” while GC stand out. You can’t compare it to kpop….kpop videos are basically dance scenes, close up, repeat…….GC was a TONNNN~ more interesting flashy video

      AKB is still AKB no matter what and don’t be pessimist before you see UZA.

  12. T says:

    Joseph Kahn again? I smell less screen time or no screen time at all for other members.

  13. Keyrol Geronimo says:

    How come Jurina is the only one who doesn’t have any pair and
    the only unique one.seriously Aki-P why do really make it obvious that Jurina is your
    oshimen. a center position again for Ske48 original member. what a joke!

    • dodo says:

      dude, just get over it, jurina has been in akb’s single even before ske’s tsuyokimonoyo…this world is not about fairness….human is just incapable of being fair lol

      • Keyrol Geronimo says:

        yeah that’s why I hate her because she is a spotlight leech when she
        doesn’t deserve it as much as other Kami-8.
        and she’s also producer’s pet Aki-P!!

        • random says:

          why not? at least she’s awesome tho, besides this song suits her

        • Hanabiratachi says:

          When people say that I feel like they’re just mad their own girls don’t get promote like this
          Jurina have the it factor so it’s not surprising she get promote and why are you hating on her as if SHE HAVE ANY SAY IN HOW THE MANAGEMENT PROMOTE HER FOR YOU TO CALL HER A LEECH?
          The girl danced with injured leg in UZA, she overworked herself to the point of hospitalization and still came back before she recovered even tho she was allowed to rest. She’s a 15 yrs old that work her ass off to not fail the expectation placed on her. Do people think the pushed girls have it that easy? They get more works meaning they’ll overwork, get sick, deal with antis and haters like you. You have no right to say Jurina doesn’t deserve it when she worked as much as any of the kami7 and have to handle SKE as well

          • Locke says:

            I always baffled when people bring ‘it’ factor to AKB push system. What is ‘it’ factor? Dancing, singing, personality? Look at Sayanee, dance talent, sings better than jurina, captain-leadership, amazing personality, even Mariko once said she reminds her to Takamina. So why not Sayanee double centered UZA then? Of course not, because she’s not Aki-p favourite. Look at Paruru, what ‘it’ factor she has? Its favourism, to hell with ‘it’ factor, lol. And why bring hardwork on this, because I’m sure many members in this group will do the same amount of hardwork as her if they been given the same amount of chances as her.

          • Hanabiratachi says:

            The it factor is the charisma and the whole package, the reason she is consider to have mainstream appeals with fans and have female fans.
            Sayanee was featured in the scorpion dance. She is definitely look as favorable so it’s just a matter of time but I’m sure he think Sayanee is more valuable to NMB than AKB because AKB already jacked Jurina and Milky

            Sorry but when fans bitch about this, all I hear is WHY U NO PROMOTE MY OSHI?!!!
            Jurina is one of the most promising push. Just because AkiP favor her doesn’t change that. This girl get too much unnecessary craps

        • dodo says:

          oh n J is my oshi btw so idc if she’s anyone’s pet lol
          and idc if people say others deserve to be pushed more
          from what I gather aki-p believe in destiny so J’s destiny is to be favored by him lol

  14. Hanabiratachi says:


    Image from PV preview
    I see AKB with goth make ups and human dolls? Interesting lol
    It look Halloween ish too which is pretty appropriate for the release date

  15. PaTo says:

    ok, thanks to 小樂pp (youku)… the MV short preview:

  16. Jessica says:

    Is there gonna be ghosts in this, for Halloween you know?

  17. why you add Gangnam Style…?? (just asking)

  18. blackqueen says:

    “LOL Poor Yukirin Ota…”
    i dont think its bad for yukirin ota.

    since yukirin so versatile type idol,
    i wont surprise if she look cute n funny in clown outfit.

    actually. yukirin already once wear clown outfit in koko ni ita koto cover album together with michan,
    and both are so cute.

    im glad yukirin not main chara in this MV, now she can have fun, no more pressure and nobody ask her to do what she dont like(kiss scene), and she can wear glove all she want.

    looks like aki-p have scheme to absorb some yukirin aura and give it to sakura.

    • Aoi says:

      but I think that’s what they meant by “LOL Poor Yukirin Ota…”Since they think they’re going to make her kiss again …