UZA's MV, The hardest Choreography ever in the history of AKB48

  October 3, 2012

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Yuko's dance was so surrealistic…. lol

Visual-wise, it kinda reminded me of Disney's movie Nightmare lol

It was too short….. but was nice because it's kinda like Halloween.

Transformation Lineup

Jurina: American Police

Yuko, Milky: Ballerina

Mayuyu, Rena: Black Goth Loli

Yukirin, Sakura: Clown

Mariko, Kojiharu: Sexy Princess

Takamina, Sayaka, Yuihan: Neat and clean Cinderella

Tomochin, MInegishi: ?

Paruru, Sashihara: Puppet

LOL Never ever let Joseph to film the MV of AKB48

Paruru got tons of closeups…

He gave Paruru too much closeups…

The color of their lips….. Damn!

Oshima's lips are so gross….

Is this a kinda of  penalty??

Yukirini Clown

Puppets Paruru and Sashiko

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Honest feeling. It's hard to form my opinion about this because it was too short…

Probably the reason why they didn't include drama part was because of the character of the song?

LOL What the hell***

Basically their dancing looked a bit awkward…

Is that supposed to be like this? Or because of Joseph's poor direction?

That's to be expected…

AKB48 new single UZA. Director for the MV is KOREAN Amaerican Joseph Kahn.

He is just another Korean guy….

I don't want to call him Joseph anymore. He is ジョセフww. (ww: scornful laugh)

Omg! I love this MV! This has the worldview!!!(*´Д`)ハァハァ 

↑You ate too much hamburgers…

As far as I can see from the image, it just looks like Thriller…. lol

I love the makeup! It suits the image of the song. Or do Idol Otaku hate this kind of direction?

↑It's not that I don't like the atmosphere of the MV.

But I believe Japanese has their own sense of beauty and every race has makeup that suits them the most. Their skin, texture of hair, whole mood….. and he even doesn't try to get the heart to the beauty of Japanese girls….

That's why I think foreigners who have no intention to understand Japanese culture other than Otaku subcultures shouldn't direct AKB48's MV.

I think….. Mayuy looks more…. uhmmm but yeah I think this has it's own uniqueness… Uhmmm

I think Mayuyu looks cool!

The makeup for Takamina and Jurina was also….. “loss for word”(´・ω・`)

Maybe because the lighting was too dark, they put that weird and flashy makeup..?

Anyways, I think it's great to release this kind of MV at this timing when Halloween is approaching!

AKB48 can use this for their missionary work both domestic and overseas that they can do this type of song.

People on Jurina fan thread are unanimously raving this MV….

I think this type of tune really makes Jurina look standing out from the rest.

I can't judge the MV from such a short footage, but

I can surely say, Jurina's presence  alone can beat all the rest

I kinda can hear Maeda-san's voice…..

“I wanted to join this kind of artistic film…”



  1. Aoi says:

    I hated gingham check but uuuhhh this actually looks pretty good, so far I’m loving the ballerina dance part. The gothic look I’m guessing was nicely timed to coincide with halloween

  2. MGPD says:

    Oh wow, it looks really cool, now I’m really looking forward to it

  3. Giang Pham says:

    I dig the preview a lot *__*
    Can’t wait to see full *__*

  4. now this is what I call “KAKKOII”

  5. bentobox says:

    Remember “Everybody” by Backstreet Boys, also directed by Joseph Kahn. They had Frankenstein, mummy, Dr Jekyll, dracula, etc.

  6. moofuq says:

    This is so cool! There you go Kahn! This is his real talent. Sugoi!

    lol, it must be so hard for Yukirin, the reaction queen, to not change her facial expression while playing clown. She should be a professional actress!
    btw, are they trying to say something by making Sasshi and Paruru as puppets? hehe just saying..

  7. 清水幸 says:

    this is my personal view. though this PV looks cool, i think it’s not well-accepted by Japanese fans. of course, it’s not valid and can be argued but from the comments above, it seems so. i think Japanese fans have different taste with international fans when it comes to this thing especially idol-thing.

  8. cryt says:

    Although I love the dark lolita antique spooky attic theme, and the choreography was shot powerfully, I’m having reservations about the member pairings.

    Paruru fits puppet so well that she overshadows Sashi, I didnt even know it was Sashi till I saw the still frames. Her puppet role doesnt require her to dance as advanced as Jurina, Takamina, Tomochin, and Yuko’s roles and closeups.

    Ballet fits better with Milky’s emphatic dance style than Yuko’s energetic pop & lock method, so it puts Yuko at a disadvantage.

    lol why does Yuko have gyaru lipstick and everybody else like Mayu gets the dark goth lips which definitely look better.

    But overall I really really liked it! (sorry for nitpicking) Costumes and makeup were dramatic and made UZA more intense. Mayu and Yukirin’s scene together was so AWESOME, their expressions totally get across to the viewer.

    and come on ppl, don’t bash him just because he’s of Korean descent, he probably gets plenty of that growing up in the states and trying to break into Hollywood entertainment industry which is notorious for its lack of Asian diversity and opportunities.

  9. ダンテ says:

    Hahhh the preview really was too short. But better than nothing!
    I can totally understand that it depends on the person and partly of the culture you live in whether you like something or not. But I think these people are judging too fast. We should wait until the full video is out.
    I think the setting and all fits the lyrics and genre of this song well. The dark makeup and outfits were adjusted to it and all in all I wouldn’t be able to imagine it in any other way even though I’m usually a creative person this realization is well thought over of Kahn!
    But then again.. that’s only my opinion.

    I honestly can’t wait for the full video~

  10. Tikky says:

    omg this PV gives me goosebumps, the good ones

  11. lol at those racist comments, anyway, the PV looks cool, Tim Burton should make the drama version lol

  12. Ryan says:

    UZA’s MV is too damn cool! yaay

  13. Hanabiratachi says:

    I understand different culture have different taste but the Korean comments aren’t necesary. I don’t like the girls’ lipstick colors tho but it fit the Halloween atmosphere.
    Either way I’m excited <3

  14. Enami says:

    People are judging far too fast… Why this much hateful comments for a simple preview? Just enjoy as it is.
    Personally, I’ve really like the thrilling atmosphere of this MV, and I think that this man Joseph Kahn has a great tallent. Girls seem different from usual, the song is awesome and totally opposite to the Idol concept thing and this uniqueness make me love this song more and more.
    Regarding, the choreo, what can I say more than it is amazing? LOL
    People are criticizing, don’t they even see the bruises on their knees? Guy, they are doing their best! <3