Was the Biggest Surprise in AKB48 History Their Reformation(Sokaku)!?

  June 3, 2012
Does everyone agree with this??

I think it’s Mai Oshima’s graduation….?

Runner-up is gonna be Erena Ono’s graduation announcement.

How about Riko Yamaguchi (Rina Nakanishi)?

But wait….. Why don’t you guys mention Acchan??

That’s it!!

But it’s not something dubbed the Biggest Surprise…..except for hardcore Ota.
As she is doing fine in her own solo work, it was pretty much expected to see her graduate and it had actually been rumored already.
So Maimai and Erechan’s sudden graduations which took everyone aback are bigger surprise, I think.

But Acchan’s graduation was rumored? Really?
I thought it would be Mariko or Yuko who graduate at this time rather than Acchan, 

Yeah, I was feeling that Yuko would graduate soon…

Actually a story has surfaced that Acchan will graduate and study in New York.

I completely agree that there’s no bigger surprise than the reformation so far.
But I have to admit Erena’s graduation announcement completely stole our attention from the Janken tournament thing…

2nd AKB48 election, the moment when Acchan’s name was called….!! “2nd place! Ats…..!!!!!”

Anyway, it’s gonna be endless if we count scandals as a surprise…
Though I was so shocked when Kikuchi was fired.

Mayumi Uchida for Center.

Yuuka Nakasnishi’s promotion/transfer from AKB48’s KKS to SKE48!!

After all, it’s live singing by Aika Ohta and Tomomi Nakatsuka.
I know Mariko and Kitarie’s live vocals are awful too, but listening to these two’s live singing was more shocking than when SilentSuzuka (racing horce) died in the accident.

What makes the Reformation special is that it was AKB48’s first event at Budo-kan.
Normal music acts won’t dare paint their memorial concert as this surprise event.
That said, it’s gonna be interesting to reproduce the same surprise at their upcoming first Tokyo dome concert.

(*)If they go with the scenario you mentioned, then reformation has already become old.
If it’s for surprise, then they gotta do something with much bigger impact – though I have no idea what this is gonna be like.

(in reply to *)Shuffle “Branch office” members and “HQ” members(´・ω・`)

(in reply to *)I get your idea, but reformation of present AKB will have much bigger impact than reformation of then AKB.
And they NEED to do reformation since without it, Team 4 will never get out of their friends-club mood. On top of that, each team will lose their flexibility.

If they can do one extra thing, it’s gonna be kickstart of Team 8, I think.
Of course they will add popular members from A,K, and B to this new team.

So what is so great about the reformation in 2009???

They introduced the “captain system”. While everyone was thinking that Kazumi Urano would be named Team B’s captain, they completely baffled us when they named Yukirin a captain.
Noro, who was supposed to hold concurrent positions in AKB and SDN was named a captain of SDN.
Megumi Ohori got angry…. Erepyon was confused, Amina collapsed…
and…. the final announcement, when she realized she would be separated from Lovetan, Mayuyu went into spiritual collapse….
“Hell” is the only word I can use to describe the reformation…

The moments when Ota reacted with the loudest clamor was when the announcement of Tomochin and Miichan’s transfer to Team K, I think.

So this man suggested that he might do an exchange between HQ and branch offices more.

Yasushi Akimoto on G+

Oh ?

I thought I posted it yesterday but it was not there .

It is difficult .
There are always people who object when you start something new .

I am not a producer only for AKB48 but for the entire AKB48 group .
TI am not working only for the betterment of AKB48.
SKE48, NMB48, HKT48 and JKT48 are all important to me too.

The reason why it’s only for limited time , with which I cannot say until when , is because the schedule for the new public performances of SKE48 Team S and AKB48 Team K and Team B are not yet decided.

I want them to experience these performances.
Of course , not in a super tight schedule but slowly .
As for Jurina , I want her to study at school properly too.

There might even be opportunities that SKE48, NMB48 and JKT48 will go abroad to study at JKT48 in the future . Let us mix it up a little bit.

Biggest surprise? It’s none other than the birth of AKB48.

The kickstart of SKE48 and NMB48, then Senbatsu for AKB48’s single becoming Senbatsu for all 48 groups.

Erepyon graduated to study abroad.
Then she made her debut as non-AKB member several months later.

1. Acchan’s graduation.
2. Reformation
3. Maimai’s graduation.

Reformation surely left a huge impact on all AKB Ota, but I want this original member’s graduation to be no.1 surprise.

Ota was expecting Cindy to be named a captain of team B, but then it was announced she was fully transferred to SDN

Reformation…? Because it was a title of the concert, it’s easy to expect what was going to happen.
Janken tournament was much of the surprise.

The title was “Senbatsu member reformation festival”
So almost no one expected they would go that far…

I was surprised the most when they created SKE48, the first branch office.

After Erena’s graduation, every year we rumored some members will graduate, but we never thought it was gonna be Acchan.
And even if her graduation would be announced, we were expecting that she would graduate together with other original members.
I guess that was a huge surprise that while Acchan announced graduation, Tomochin and Mariko and other original members will stay in AKB48.

It’s not only Acchan, but we gotta make all of the original member’s graduation ceremonies on a large scale .
I am not trying to give special treatment to the original members, and I do think members who keep doing stage performance should be considered to be an ideal AKB48 member.
But… Yeah Maimai’s graduation was so moving… but Hayano… her graduation was too early….

I think the present situation of AKB48 is somewhat similar to the situation before the reformation in 2009. Before, it was the confrontation between Team A and Team K,
but now it’s confrontation of SKE48 and AKB48.

The thing is… Team K Ota at that time is really similar to SKE48 Ota.
So I guess they will dare to do this….

So antipathy between old Team A and Team K was that severe??

I think it’s strange.
If we run through the history of AKB48,
then you’ll find that antipathy had lasted until the formation of Himawari-gumi’s.
It has already settled down before the reformation.
So I think it’s a bit off to make SKE vs AKB thing a reason for the the next reformation.

Antipathy between old K and old A…  now that time has passed, it’s become a good memory…

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