Shimada Haruka trying to make homemade breads vol.1

  July 4, 2012

10 minutes til Shimada will finish making Shimada-breads

Shimada-breads is coming━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!!!

I LOL’d so hard!!!! lol

Shimada Haruka 7:09

What the hell is this((((;゚Д゚)))))))!!!



LOL She never betrays our expectations!!!!

I thought there’s a fish side this bread-maker….. lol

It looks like this machine continued mixing dough up even after it finished baking lol

It was supposed to be like this….

How could she such a outstanding mistake!!!

How many times should I say “Don’t purchase Gopan (the product name of this bread-maker) without any particular plan” before you stop making such outlandish mistakes!! lol

Nakamatta~ would become my Oshi if she appeared to give Shimada an advice with Doyagao face.

(At 7AM) I was waked up by Shimada-breads….

I watched the video of the making process. it looks like Shimada hadn’t kneaded dough enough. It hadn’t yet become like bread dough. Maybe she gave it wrong amount of ingredients???

I guess because this is Shimada, the mistake she made may be something like forgetting to add water?

Whatever, she must have made a mistake in the making process…. What is that metal part at a center??

When you put ingredients inside, that metal part located in the central position will rotate and knead dough.
It automatically leavens and bakes dough……
I couldn’t imagine there’s a person who can ever fail to make breads with this machine…. lol

So what can Shimada make without any problem!?!?

Baked rice cake.
(for Yokoyama who are frolickin’ to Mariyagi, like “Yagi-chan♪”)

Shimada Haruka  9:01
Above: Sample
Below: Shimada-breads

Why it’s ended up like this……

I can see a huge void lol

Shimada-breads…… Or maybe we should call it “Shimatta-breads” (Shimatta: Gosh I failed it!!)

“Electronic appliances Ota” idol gave her an advice.

Takajo Aki 9:41
You put it out right after it finished baking???

So KomeMasu (Comment Master: nickname of Akicha on Gugutasu) also has Gopan, doesn’t she??

Sure Akichan does have Gopan, too.

Shimada Haruka  0:34
Somehow it’s making huge a noise….
Shimada-breads…. are you alright??

(Reference: Noise of Gopan)

Takajo Aki “It’s alright~~~~~ Aki also has Gopan!!”
Shimada Haruka  “Oh Akicha! You have it!!
Please teach me how to use it the next time!!( ;´Д`)! “

Akicha….. I don’t think that is the point…. lol

Shimazaki Haruka 11:42
It’s funny! hahahahahaha\(^o^)/

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Above: Sample
Below: Shimada-breads

Why it’s ended up like this……

LOL She is spreading Shimada’s outlandish mistake to her fans!!

LOL She is laughed by Ponkotsu!!??

Matsui Rena 12:03
Breads had exploded!?

She is even noticed by Rena lol
How many people now know this!?!?

According to her, she finally made it great…. ?

Shimada Haruka 13:09

Such a great success~~~☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

It has such a wonderful chewy texture~~~~~
I didn’t know it’s so delicious when it’s fresh from the oven!!!!( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Ohba Mina “I wanna eat….”

She made it again!?!? lol

I guess she would never make it again…..

It doesn’t look delicious lol

It looks sooooooo Shimada. I mean…. rough and unfancy…. in a good way….

Shimada! I know you went to a convenience store!!!

Shimada should make pickles rather than breads lol

I think Shimada would be ridiculously good at making Japanese pickles!!

So what was the cause of this great failure????