Takahashi Minami and Oshima Yuko name Tano Yuka and Muto Tomu as Upcoming Young Talents

  February 2, 2013

In an interview from latest issue of Playboy Magazine:

-Are there any members who seem to have great potentialities to your eyes?

Takahashi Minami: Tano Yuka (田野優花)

Oshima Yuko: Muto Tomu (武藤十夢)


-Wow you answered IMMEDIATELY!!

Takahashi Minami: Performance-wise, She is indisputably one of the best members. She makes me surprised like “Wow! I didn’t know there’s such an amazing member in the same team!” You know, her performance kinda reminds us of Oshima Yuko.

Oshima Yuko: Oh yeah, I often heard that. Tanochan (Tano Yuka’s nickname), she is stoic. Very stoic actually, I heard.

Takamina: She is insanely stoic. She’s shed tears of mortification for many times, she hates to lose so much, but she doesn’t know how to deal with her strong emotions.

She is so eager about how to shine herself more. She is my junior who makes me want to lead and teach her how to make it.

Oshima: Muto Tomu is…. she is kinda clumsy. She is actually poor at dancing. But, though she is technically incompetent, she is a hard-worker. And looking at her, you can clearly sense how hard she is trying her best.

I think we can’t find girls like her among current young generation members. Probably only Yokoyama (Yui).

Takamina: WOw!!!!

Oshima: Plus, in current team K, Tomu often has to perform at Center (because she is Oshima’s under while Tanochan is Takamina’s under). Which means she has no choice but exposed to fans eyes so much in a negative way. To encourage and support her, I heard theater staffs told her that “The reason why you’re standing at Center is because Oshima Yuko is challenging you to overcome it.”


-I see, in order to spur Tomu on to greater heights, right?

Oshima: Honestly I didn’t meant that, but I’ve sure put an expectation on her. So, I talked to her.

Takamina: Majika!? It’s so unusual that you make move to talk to juniors!!!

Oshima: So I said to her, “You are at the center of attention when you are at Center, No matter how you hate to stand out. But it’s also true that no matter how poor your performance may be, if you are trying, from bottom of your heart, to express, it will resonate with fans. So don’t look down, don’t be shy, have confidence in yourself.”

Takamina: Wow~~~!!

Oshima: Then Tomu said to me, “I heard the reason why I am privileged to stand at the position is because of Oshima-san’s letter of challenge! So, I will try my best!”

I think it’d be better to keep these kinds of (passionate, but may cause misunderstanding) words or emotions inside your heart, but she said it to nobody but me! And that’s a kind of things that I find her clumsy but fervent.


-That’s an awesome story. Moreover, Tanochan and Muto-san are best friends each other actually.

Takamina: Really?

Oshima: Wowwwww, it’s soooo nice!


In another interview:

-Can you tell us which members you expect a big jump this year other than members who’re attending this interview (Iriyama An’na, Kato Rena, Yokoyama Yui)

Takamina: Actually, I put huge expectation on everyone! But, Tanochan, especially has been displaying great improvement in theater performance. She is growing at an uncanny speed.

Oshima: Well…. Sayanee! As Akimoto-sensei asked me to “develop next generations Oshima Yuko”, I’ve started feeling that Sayanee probably has a similar vibe to me.

If there’s a good chance, she is a kind of person who have a potential to lead the whole 48G.

As for team K, I gotta say it’s Muto Tomu! Though she still has a lot to be desired, Tomu-chan is awesome. I’ll train her!