Watanabe Mayu, Takahashi Minami, Oshima Yuko, Itano Tomomi want to live their lives as an ordinary girl if they were born again”

  January 30, 2013

AKB48’s top members, Shinoda Mariko, Oshima Yuko, Watanabe Mayu, Itano Tomomi and Takahashi Minami, are asked “what kind of life would you like to live if you were born again ” in ZIP’s -Nippon Television’s news program that is aired on weekdays from 5:50 to 8:00 in the morning – interview.

And here are the answers from each member!

Shinoda Mariko – also known as Mariko-sama -:

“Well, I do not want to be born again as a different person. For me, the life I’m living now is the most fulfilling one” 

“I would like to live the same life again.”

Takahashi Minami – also known as Takamina or Sou-chan or Soukantoku -:

“It might be nice to live my life from a different perspective.”

Oshima Yuko – also known as Yuko -:

“I would like to work at a register as an ordinary girl, instead of working in Showbiz.”

 Watanabe Mayu – also known as Mayuyu -:

“I would like to enjoy an ordinary student’s life in school.”

Itano Tomomi – also known as Tomochin, Tomo or Chintomo -:

“I would like to experience things that make me feel ‘bloom of youth’, if I could live my life again.


Fans reactions:

“Shinoda’s answer is expected as she joined AKB48 after growing up.”

“Probably members who didn’t spend high school life as an ordinary student have regrets in school. “

“Mariko is now pursuing her dream – to produce a fashion brand – and that’s probably why she seems to be fairly enjoying her career.”

“As if they didn’t know there are millions of girls who long to be like AKB girls…”

“It’s now wonder that Mariko’s answer is different from all others as she kinda lived her life both as an ordinary girl – who went to a high school as an ordinary girl, had a relationship – and showbiz personality.”

“Not only about love relationship, but I guess they wanted to experience normal school activities like studying for entrance exam, an athletic festival, a chorus contest, school trips, extracurricular activities or such.”

“It’s understandable given the fact that both Takamina and Itano joined AKB48 when they were mere junior high school students.”

“I guess there’re many members who participated in extracurricular activities. Such as  Yuihan (Yokoyama Yui) in basketball club, Sasshi (Sashihara Rino also known as Sashiko) in wind-instrument music club, and Kikudi (Kikuchi Ayaka also known as Ayarin) in track and field club.

“There are members who go colleges without giving up their dreams in AKB48. It’s not something impossible unless she is an insanely popular member who live a wonderfully busy schedule.”

“I think making a living in showbiz is especially hard for girls in AKB48. They are slammed for trifle things, stalked all the times by paparazzi and never allowed to have a private life…”