Another legendary episode of Itano Tomomi, and 2 more!

  September 21, 2012

Another legendary episode of Tomochin

She once again has increased lists of he legendary episodes……

I missed the show. Please can you just quickly sum up what happened??

Ogune~ (おぐね~) snapped at Pikako (ピカ子)
→Pikako snapped back against Ogune~
→Ogune~ argued back Pikako, but started having teary eyes
→Tomochin: “I’m also disgusted at Pikako-san”
→Pikako further continued her filthy remark
→”Why did Tomochin butt in the conversation?
→Tomochin: “Because I felt sorry for Ogune~ as he was weeping.”


Itano is freakin cool. She is loyal and compassionate.

The legend of Itano Tomomi

  • Actually she is a nice girl.
  • Unlike her image, she is a sort of natural air head, and is cute.
  • Despite she is dubbed Charisma, she is actually Ponkotsu.
  • She can’t enter haunted houses because she is scared of ghosts.
  • Despite her looks, she can shed tears for others, and has a courage to stand up for others.
  • She is always one step behind trends among others.
  • She used chopstick elegantly, and can write beautiful hand written letters.
  • Even though it’s a fun match against a fan where a fan can obtain presents if they win (in fan meetup events) she never goes easy and win over him completely.
  • After the event commemorating the release of “Dear J”, she gave a frisk case with her name on it to her fellow Hori Production members who attended the event.
  • She cares about her juniors. She treated / invited Kikuchi and other juniors to her home and treated them a hot pot. She gave an make-up advice to Fujie Reina…
  • She gave a half-eaten ice cream to Kikuchi, who admires Tomochin.
  • She sometimes responds to ordinary users on twitter.
  • She is always serious when she plays Dodgeball.
  • She dismiss members who are crazy about Manga, by saying “You gotta face the reality”
  • She unfollowed Yonezawa on twitter right after Yone-soudou (Yone Incident)
  • Doesn’t move a single millimeter when Shinoda hit a desk where she is sitting by a bamboo sword
  • She replied to Kojimaru’s tweet to her where she was rooting for her performance at Music Station
  • Even though they clearly stated that they are unofficial accounts, somehow she misunderstood that they were real Sashihara and Oshima, and followed them for a brief while.
  • She gently fixed the collar of a kid when she visited the Tsunami Hit areas as a part of Dareka no Tameni project.
  • While other members left more or less smiliar comments in cute letters, she wrote “Grand sum of the 7 years!”
  • She can’t take a medicine without jelly oblate OKUSURINOMETANE (Grape flavor)
  • During the 2nd reformation, Kitahara: “I was so scared…” → Tomochin covered her mic with her hand.
  • In TD concert, “When we walked from AKB48 theater to the Tokyo dome, we stopped at red lights. And that was the same as our reality. We stopped time to time, but we didn’t give up moving forward.”
  • Though she dislike caterpillars the most among all insects, she searched images on Google, and sent tons of images of caterpillars to Takahashi Minami to avenge for having forgotten her birthday.
  • She spurned at the advise from world renowned make-up artist when she was accused of her makeup by him. ←New!
  • She butted in the quarrel between drag queens to save the one who was almost crying. ←New!

…… Freakin cooll.

This is the real “Itanosan is freakin cool” episode…..


Playful Tomochin witnessed by many fans at Disney Resort

Seems like Tomochin went to Disney Resort today.

I found a paparazzied image of playful Tomochin on Tomochin fan thread.

↑LOL She is completely being TOMO!

I LOL’d.

What’s wrong with Tomochin-san? Seriously, she’s been too cute lately….

She was so cute in this scene yesterday.

↑ AWwwwww She is holding hands with Yukirin(・∀・)

Oshima Yuko emulating her rabbit 'Hip'

Didn’t you remember in previous episode of Music Station, while they were introducing “First Rabbit” by gesture, only Yuko was impersonating a rabbit by her face~.

I finally figured out that she was emulating “Hip”~~


Totally the same… LOL