Togasaki, the general manager of AKB48 shares his comment, looking back on 2013 Request Hour and confidence votes on managers

  January 30, 2013

Tomonobu Togasaki 1/29 17:52

I was so busy for five days.
Many things have happened, and I had a hard time because I barely held everything together…
What is the most memorable scene you have of the “REQUEST HOUR SET LIST BEST 100 2013”?
For me, the most memorable scene was when Shinoda tearfully said at the end of the MC that it was her dream to sing her solo song, “PLASTIC NO KUCHIBIRU”, on the last day of the “REQUEST HOUR SET LIST BEST 100 2013”. Also, during the time when as Ms. Natsu showed up and Kojiharu shed tears.

Togasaki Tomonobu 1/29 17:58

My memories of the event come one after the other when I read the comments and thought, “Ah that was amazing, too. Oh, this scene also touched me.”
Togasaki Tomonobu 1/29 18:00

Sure. It was awkward and made you feel unpleasant to announce the result of confidence votes on managers right after the performance of No.1 song….. We lacked imagination…..

Togasaki Tomonobu 1/29 19:10

I heard that SKE48 members and the fans felt resentment regarding the result of Mr. Yuasa’s vote of confidence that was done the other day, how it was dealt with and so, I want to take this opportunity to talk about it here.

First, although I have already said this the other day, I understand that the no-confidence vote in Mr. Yuasa as the general manager of AKB48 Theater is a message from the fans who have supported SKE48, so please set your mind at ease!!

Next is what I said about him being a “Trainee”. Since he got a no-confidence vote, I couldn’t call him a “manager” nor the “new and trusted manager”, so I jokingly said that he’s a “trainee manager”. However, I wasn’t implying that the manager of SKE48 was an inexperienced manager.

Since Mr. Yuasa is loved by the members and the fans, I think that Mr. Yuasa can be immediately promoted from being a “trainee manager”!! LOL. Again, please set your mind at ease.

However, it’s a fact that I made everyone feel bad.

I am really sorry.
I think that you’re going to see me at the handshaking session venues because from now on, I’m going to have two managerial positions.
Thank you in advance for your support!!



Fans reactions:

“Of course the most memorable perform was “Hashire Penguin”.

You will never understand how shocking the disbandment of team 4 was to us, unless you’re the team 4 Wota.”

“I thought there was no word ‘reverberation’ in management’s dictionary…”

“I hope they will clarify the respective roles of Yuasa and Togasaki, as in team A, it’s unclear who, Mariko or Takamina, is the head of the team.”

“They clearly showed lack of imagination on Day Three, too, when “Sore o Seishun to yobu Hi (The day we call it blossom of youth)” was performed right after ”Sokode Inu no Unchi o Funjaukane (Dog Poop song)” 

“AKB48 has a customary that apology must be made in swimsuits.”

“Then, they already made it by that Red Fundoshi video….”