Will "Nan'te Bohemian" win a spot at AKB48 Request Hour 2013 ?

  October 15, 2012

This is a thread to make Nan'te Bohemian win the spot in this year's Request Hour Setlist Best 100.

The thing is whether SKE Ota vote for this song or not.

Though I like the song, I don't think it's an easy task to organize fans because Under Girls are the random mixture of NMB, SKE and AKB.

You can see Milky's smooth dancing!!

I think Sayanee and Milky's Ota will vote for NMB's songs, and SKE Ota would want to vote for SKE's songs. And AKB Ota prefer songs performed by units…

Except for the Takajo Ota, I think that there are many other songs that feature your Oshi more than Bohemian.

Frankly speaking, It's very hard for this song to win a top spot.
Takajo Ota → Kimisuki
Okaro → Mushi no Ballad

SayaMil → NMB's songs
Kuumin and Yuria → Ookami

Kll members Ota → Omatase Setslist

Goma and Airin Ota → Manazashi Sayonara

Churi → Cross

Shimazaki Ota → Hashire Penguin or team 4's songs

Masuda → MARIA, Old Team K songs, Higurashi no Koi

Amina → Candy, Tsundere

Though it's hard to win a top spot, why don't you cast a vote?
Though it's a little bit too unique of song, it's basically a nice song and has good members. It's worth it!

I think it's gonna be like this.

Takajo Ota: Though they care more about her transfer than Request Hour, they will probably vote for Kimisuki
Yamamoto Sayaka: Jungle Gym

Akimoto Sayaka: Mushi no Ballad
Sato Amina: I wonder she still has Ota who wll vote lots of times
Kuramochi Asuka: I don't think her Ota passionately care about Request Hour.
Shimazaki Haruka: Ponkotsu Blues
Takayanagi Akane: Cross and other SKE's songs.

Hata Sawako: She has less of a presence in this song
Masuda Yuka: Their one and only choice, needless to say, is “MARIA”
Ohya Masana: Don't care much about Request Hour?
Yagami Kumi: SKE's songs
Suda Akari: I wonder if they care about things other than “physical contact”
Furukawa Airi: Manazashi Sayonara
Kizaki Yuria: I have an impression that her Ota is attached to Bohemian
Ogiso Shiori: Manazashi Sayonara

↑Da~Su~ also has songs like “Wimbledon he Tsureteitte” or “On'na no Ko no Dairokkan” where she has a greater presence

LOL I completely forgot Paruru has her solo number.

↑I think Paruru Ota will definitely vote for Hashire Penguin considering the fact that team 4 will not be around in January.

Because this is the strongest and most badass Under Girls lineup, it's natural that they all have their signature songs.
But I at least want Nante Bohemian to rank….

I agree this Under Girls has the best members, but I don't think I like the song that much.


  1. MGPD says:

    Thanks for this article, I’m new to this 48 world and I was thinking about voting for Nante bohemian because I really like the song, now I know maybe I’m not the only one who will vote for it.

    I have a question, I like SDN48 and I don’t know which songs are popular enough to win a spot, could you tell me what are my options or make an article like this?