As expected, a question regarding the fairness of the SNH48 audition has arisen and one more

  October 15, 2012

HKT beat Nogizaka~!!

I think considering it aired on 2:00am, 1.4% is a decent number.

Regarding Shukan AKB, 1.2% is also a decent number, too, as this show sometimes doesn't even obtain a viewers rating of 1%.

↑Then why can Shukan AKB continue?

TV viewers rating of 1.0% is a number that can't make a TV show sustainable.

↑Because it's aired on a paid channel, it doesn't have a sponsor and is solely relying on DVD sales. It's business model is like the one for Midnight Animes.

The highest rating of TV viewers of each program

Geinin!: 2.8%

Hakata Hyakkaten: 2.7%

Naniwa Nadeshiko: 2.6%

Magical Radio2: 2.5%

Magical Radio: 1.9%

Average Viewers Rating

1st. Geinin!: 2.05%

2nd. HaKaTa Hyakkaten: 2.05%

3rd. Magical Radio2 1.9%

4th. Naniwa Nadeshiko: 1.6%

5th. Magical Radio: 1.3%

It's not only because last Monday was a holiday, but because of Yukirin's appearance.

Will the next episode with Mayuyu regain TV viewers?

↑Because the show will start from 3:00am, most of people won't watch the show live…

1st. Kashiwagi Yuki 2.7%

2nd. Minegishi Minami 1.4%

3rd. Watanabe Mayu 3.1%? ← My guess

↑What an optimistic guess!! The show will start from 2:30am at the earliest. If a baseball game will have an extra inning, it will be delayed even later…

Anyways, the show itself was very interesting.

Because the last week is the only week that had Monday as holiday, the viewers rating for the 1st episode will probably be the highest of this TV show series.

I think Nogizaka tte Doko is in a more dire situation as it got a lower number than HKT despite the fact Nogizaka's show started airing 2 hours earlier than HaKaTa Hyakkkaten…

It's nothing surprising….. Who in the world would watch TV on midnight of Sunday in this busy country….


I don't dislike this negative attitude of Chinese. It's kinda similar to that of Japanese Ota, right?

>”Beautiful girls, Moe girls, popular girls, they were all eliminated by the organizer.”

What the heck is this???

From Matomember's comment form. A Chinese fan made a comment which may give a hint to your question.


↑I don't fully understand what this person is trying to say, but probably this person wanted to say is “They must pay tons of money in order to get in, unless they have some strong connection with the entertainment training school affiliated with the agency that manages SNH.”



  1. Mario Medves says:

    “I can clearly tell they are Chinese at the first sight.”
    Wotas comment are always funny ans intelligent, maybe if staff release photo more “japanized” with actual problems with the isles was better..

  2. I think no one ever believed that the business is completely fair when not even everything in AKB48 is really “fair”. For Saechan I hope the group becomes really successfull so she will have a great time!

  3. [off the topic] anybody here knows what happened to tpe now? I thought they were supposed to debut in august but it’s ber month now. What happened???

  4. LurkingAnonymous says:

    Should we really take those allegations seriously, considering the kind of unreliable garbage that Yahoo News is known for publishing?