HKT48’s first namasake TV show HaKaTa Hyakkaten captured 2.7% of TV viewers!!

  October 9, 2012

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MJ 4.4%

Tousou-Chu 13.4%

Nogizaka tte Doko? 1.4%

HaKaTa Hyakkaten 2.7%

PON! 4.8%

Hiruobi 6.8%

Iitomo 8.6%

Q-sama 16.4%

Sashihara effect…

It has something to do with the fact the last Monday was a holiday.

It’s also thanks to Kashiwagi-Ota!!

Minegishi-Ota! I’m counting on you!!

I have to admit this because the show was actually very interesting.

It improved my image of Sashihara as MC, Sakuratan and Yukirin.

Actually I’m looking forward to the next episode.

By the way, AKB to XX obtains over 8% even though it’s aired midnight.

Magical Radio, MR2, Geinin, Hakata
01  1.1   2.3  1.4   2.7 ← New!
02  1.9   2.5  1.9
03  1.2   2.4  2.2
04  1.5   1.6  2.2
05    0.8   1.7  1.6
06  0.8   1.9  2.8
07  1.4   2.3  1.8
08  1.4   2.4  1.8
09  1.0   1.8  2.2
10  1.5   1.6  2.6
11  1.2   0.8  1.4
12  1.7   1.5  2.1
** 1.2 1.9% 2.1%  2.7%

↑Looking at this chart, I realized all the shows recorded such poor numbers….

By the way, this TV show is aired from 2:00AM!!

Actually this is a ridiculously good number considered this!

Because the impact of Kashiwagi and Sashihara was huge, I couldn’t remember other members faces and names lol

At least, I remembered Sakura, Haruppi, Murashige and Chori, who did an impersonation of bird.

I think 1% is the bonus for the 1st episode. We can only say this is a Hit, if the program will continue to obtain that high number.

I bet the number will go down as the next Monday is a weekday.

Many people parsing Kashiwage, But Ge-chan did such a nice job because Sassy was the MC of the show.

Since back when they were in the old team B, YukiSashi were always funny when they’re together.

Their efforts that they’d been always discussing about how to get longer screen appearance with Miichan are finally rewarded lately.

Sashiko has a tremendous power to increase TV viewers rating.

Viewers rating of other programs that feature AKB members