Let’s guess who will increase their ranking A LOT in the next year’s election.

  October 9, 2012

Let’s guess who will increase their ranking in the next year’s election.
I think it’s gonna be interesting when you read this thread again next year.

Looking at the increase of followers number, I think the following three will make a great leap.

Shimazaki: around 10th
Kawaei: around 20th
Iriyama: around 30th


Watanabe: Needless to say 1st spot ← Boring~
Sashihara: Transfer to HKT has nothing to do with her popularity lol
Shimazaki: Tons of appearance in TV Drama thanks to her amazing acting skill lol
Kato Rena: Great leap from the out of ranking!
Mitsunune: Awesome revenge of the last year wretched loss.

I think we will see many of NMB and HKT members in the bottom part of the ranking, and a more cruel result for AKB’s bottom class members.

↑I can easily picture it. Because AKB has a plenty of top talents, it’s tough for bottom class members to see a light of the day.

Tomu and Sakura will make a huge leap.

I think Ripopo who can barely secure Senbatsu position in NMB may make it.

Though this has nothing to do with the topic, I hope they will announce at the ranking of top 100 members.

My only choice is Yuria.

↑I totally agree with you. She is good at dancing, very cute, awesome actress, will surely make a great leap.

Similiar members include An’nin, who is also cute and very unique. It’s just because she hasn’t got many TV appearances but if she has, she will definitely become popular.

Sayanee and Milky will definitely become top 16.

I think next year, the total number of votes will decrease.
Because actually there’s no merit to be in top positions in the election except being featured in the election single, especially top to middle class members.

↑That’s quite likely.
Only junior members who’ve never been ranked in the election will benefit if they appear in the ranking .

For the next election, it will be very tough situation for AKB48 if few junior members will win spots for Under Girls.
Because SKE, NMB and HKT are thriving, it’s gonna be a tough fight for junior memebrs of AKB48!!

I’m expecting from Kawaei and Iriyama.

Tano Yuka

It won’t change that basically majority of fans are AKB48’s fans.

And among junior AKB members, Tano-chan is the only one who’ve forged her unique career and created a unique fan base. I’m expecting from her.


I think top 256 will be within the ranking next year.

1~16: Senbatsu
17~32: Under Girls
33~48: Next Girls
49~64: Future Girls
65~80: Post Girls
81~96: After Girls
97~112: Tomorrow Girls
113~128: To Be Girls
1777~192: Growing Girls
193~208: Wake Up Girls
209~224: Rookie Girls
225~240: Booby Girls
241~256: Loopy Girls

My guess is Kami8 (Yuko, Mayu, Yuki, Mariko, Takamina, Kojima, Itano, Sashiko) and JR, Paruru, Milky, Minegishi, Yokoyama, Takajo, Sayanee and someone from SKE will be Senbatsu, and one of Kami8 will graduate by the election.
Miyazawa, Masuda, Umeda, SKE Ishida, NMB Kotani, Kawaei will be Under Girls.

Akimoto, Kasai, Kitahara, Kato Rena, Iriyama, HKT Sakuratan will be Next Girls.

HKT Haruppi, HKT Tashima Meru, and someone from JKT will be Future Girls.

Lovetan, and someone from SNH will be Post Girls.

↑Rookie Girls
I kinda think N Nacchi will rank in around this place….

I think the two who have growing momentum are Milky and Paruru.
And the battle between the two will be very interesting.

↑Ponkoktsu idol who can do nothing even despite the tremendous support from management,
Natural born idol who seized every chance she’s got….
This is so exciting….!

Kanon, Kawaei, Murashige.

If Kanon can increase her votes by 50%, she can aim at Under Girls.
I think she is the one who may grow the most among Future Girls.

Jurina and Rena are less known to the general public compared to Kami 8 so they have a room to grow.
And I think it’s Kami8 members who will struggle to increase their ranking.

I think Churi will be overtaken by Yuria next year.

Anyways, it’s quite unlikey that even Sayanee will overtake Sae, as there’re huge gap between Sae and 12th spot Kasai.
I think we will not be able to see a big Drama in top positions next year.

I have a feeling that Miyawaki will increase her ranking to 20s all at once.

Yuria 31th→
Kanon 56th→
I think we can expect a big leap of the two,
and NMB’s top 2 may make it into top 16.
And a couple of AKB48 members who ranked in 10th~19th will decrease a lot.

If you are talking about someone who will increase by more than 20, I think it would be Kawaei, Miyawaki and Kanon.

I don’t think Tomu will increase a lot as sales of her handshake tickets haven’t increased that much.

↑I will vote for Muto at least one of my votes.
Her presence in the MV of Show Fight! is necessary for the current Senbatsu.

Because they saw miserable consequence of Takajo, I think fans of Kitahara, Kasai and Umeda willl frantically support them for the election.
And think there’ll be a fierce battle between NMB’s top2, Paruru vs current Senbatsu members in 10s.


Each of them has their own unique strong point.
Fishing, Self-portrait, Flexible body
Illustration, Singing.