This week in AKB48 (New Feature!) 2/10/2012 – 9/10/2012

  October 9, 2012

Whats up guys, we’re here with a new weekly section summarizing the movers and shakers in the world of AKB48 news of the past week.

The aim of this post is to bring you up to speed on news surrounding the world of AKB48 and it’s fandom. Hopefully if this is well received, this will become an ongoing weekly feature.


First up, a couple of big hitters. Recently the full MV for AKB48’s new single “Uza” was released to largely positive reception. Reactions from japanese fans and gaijin fans have been equally of awe, particularly due to the songs dark, post-Victorian atmosphere which featured what is considered to be the most difficult choreography in AKB48 history. The mastermind of the MV, world renowned music video producer “Joseph Kahn” also stated that this had been the best dance MV he had seen. Keep a lookout for the MV on the “usual” sites. Some of the reactions can be found here.

Also, check out this version of Uza with Yamamoto Sayaka as center:

The world of AKB as seen by an Asian-American.


A recent interview was conducted with Tomonobu Togasaki, godfather and the general manager of the AKB48 theatre and Saruobasan.

In the interview, they discuss how Togasaki began as the general manager, some of the troubles that he shared with crew and the continuing legacy of AKB as a brand.

A must-read for AKB48 fans. The interview itself can be found here.

The ever cheerful Togasaki, and a rather intense peace sign.


AKB48 sub-unit “no3b” (or No Sleeves for the uninitiated) recently announced that they would feature in a new show starring themselves and popular novelist Lily Franky, Suzuki Kosuke and esteemed music producer Komuri Tetsuya. “Snack Cafe Eden” will air each month until March for a total of 6 episodes and will see Takahashi Minami, Minegishi Minami and Kojima Haruna reprise roles as themsleves as they interview a variety of guests as impromptu actors.

Guests for the first episode include Ayanokohji Shou, BENI and actor and screenwriter Ikeda Tetsuhiro. More information and impressions from the cast can be found here.

An entertainers dream. And girls. Three of them.


Majisuka Gakuen, the training grounds for newborn actors has ended after seeing a rise in popularity thanks to the work of a guest director. Rumours has it however, that the show will continue onto a 4th season continuing the Prison Hope canon. The show features Paruru and friends in “Prison Hope” and continues the tradition of being somewhat of a microcosm of AKB48 and show business presenting it as a harsh world, where beautiful idol girls beat the living daylights out of one another in an estranged, abandoned institution. Who could possibly pass that up? Find out about this and more right here at AKB48WrapUp.

                          The cast of Majisuka Gakuen 3 after the jailhouse rock.


Kiss Datte Hidarikki, SKE48’s 10th single has become their best selling single having sold 544,383 copies in their 2nd week with Kataomoi and Aishiteraburu trailing behind with 528,000 and 521,00 sales for each respectively. Check out the individual news post for news on Yagami Kumi, Abiru Rino’s Omurice and Mukaida Manatsu’s ameblo.

HKT48’s HaKaTa Hyakkaten has aired to 2.7% of TV viewers! Ota have dubbed this the “Sashihara effect” in reference to her transfer. The show itself aired at 2:00am, in the same vein as previous 48 group  shows. HaKaTa Hyakkaten will air during Sundays on Nippon Television also feature AKB48 guests who will be coerced into selecting a HKT48 oshimen. For this, check out these 2 recent news posts:

HKT48 in HaKaTa Hyakkaten


Finally, the “final real” audition for the 2nd generation of JKT has been announced, and will be held in japan, to be faced with the scrutiny of hardcore idol fans. The supposed final audition for the 2nd gen was aired live on Indonesian television. Despite the few hiccups during the live broadcast, the general hype for JKT and AkiP’s status as a master troll have both risen.

For a list of the lineup of selected candidates and some footage from the audition, check out the individual post here.

The first generation of JKT48


Also, farewell to Saeed Yokota Elena who recently graduated AKB48. Saeed performed in a teary theatre, with AkiP in attendence. Check out the individual post here.

The lights are out for Saeed Yokota Elena


As for some on-site news, AKB48WrapUp has been considering a forum to allow for fans and staff to discuss the site, and a certain Japanese idol pop sensation. However, we want feedback
as to whether there is interest in this! Please tell us if this is in your interests.

For now, feel free to discuss this, and everything else in this post in the comments below. For other news, be sure to stay tuned to AKB48 WrapUp and check out our archives to find other news about AKB48.

Until then, see you next week (assuming there is one).