Matsui Sakiko achieved a remarkable accomplishment with her debut piano album

  October 9, 2012

Official website: Matsui Sakiko – Kokyu suru Piano

Album artwork for CD ONLY ver. was designed by Ishida Haruka

Album artwork for CD + DVD ver was designed by Sato Natsuki

Tremendous Harukyan effect!!

Congratulation Shisho!!! Once again, AKB has made history!!!

Though I have nothing against Sakiko-san,

this CD contains Bonus items…. I think it’s not fair to compare here with other pianists…

For amateurs, every pianist who graduated music college looks awesome to their eyes, but for professionals what do they think about her piano playing skills?

Though I didn’t buy this album, I’m so happy this news ^^

Actually this is amazing.
She hasn’t won a major prize, nor is she a finalist of major contest,
So, she is not the kind of person who can release her solo piano album without the name value of AKB48.
But the thing is she achieved a result and that will be a great asset for her career,
So I hope she will focus more on her career as a pianist rather than activities as a member of AKB48.
And to those who criticize that she doesn’t play real classical music in this album, this album ment to mainly consist of instrumentals of the songs by AKB48.
Because the main purpose of this album is to introduce young people or idol fans to the world of classical music, and most of people won’t regard this album as a classical music but rather, something like an instrumental album.
Even if only a few people become interested in the classical music through this album, the purpose will be fulfilled.

As far as I can tell from this video, she is just a normal student at a music college.
At the very least, decent training is required to reach this level.
But at the same time, there is no way she can release her solo album if it were not for AKB48.
It goes off rhythm at the most difficult parts and sometimes she goes off key.
In short, she lacks the technique.

She can play Debussy.

I think Sakiko seized her chance. Once you release your CD, it’s not all about art or music. It’s also a business, and she lived up to the expectations of the others by achieving this kind of result.

Look at Wasamin or Shisho. AKB is not just about competing for Senbatsu position. They  are also showing us what it’s means to find your place in Show-Biz. 

Uhmmm I think she is decently good, but she’s definitely not something amazing. It’s probably just a coincidence but I did notice that she made a lot of mistakes in this video.

I like Heavy Rotation. Somehow it sounds so humorous.

It’s fresh and interesting that an Idol’s solo debut album is a piano instrumental.

I know there’re tons of pianists that are better than her including Ikuta from Nogizaka and Moriyasu from HKT48, but she got her “chance no Junban” and it was all in due part to her steady activities on Radio, small events and other miscellaneous things.

I think it’s because of the misleading of titles of news articles, such as “The Tremendous achievement made by a pianist for the first time in the history!”, that people have started bashing her.

But the fact remains that you can always listen to what you like and many people chose her album.