Sakiko Matsui Will Be The First Member To Join The Collaboration Of AKB48 and Nadeshiko Football League

  May 11, 2012
 2 girls teams representing Japan will collaborate with each other. It’s announced Sakiko Matsui, team K member of AKB48, will make an appearance at the pre-match event of Nihon TV vs Urawa, the official match of Nadeshiko football league, Japan’s women football league.

It is IG markets co. one of the sponsors of Nihon TV team, that planned this collaboration. Nihon TV will host this match on 27th this month as “IG markets day”, and Sakiko’s appearance is realized by the passionate offer from IG markets co. Sakiko will join the first kick ceremony of the match and present speech for pre-match ceremony.

She is the only member of AKB48 who is a university student majoring Music, and now attends piano major of Tokyo College of Music. She placed in 38th in the last election and selected for the undergirls. As ultimate Ace won’t join the upcoming election, she is also aiming at higher place. “I’m excited that I am given the chance to attend the ceremony of Nadeshiko League. Together with fans, I want to make the mood of the match exciting one. I’ll be able to do my best all the more because I’ll gain energy from watching the players fight the match.”

Nihon TV team lost the championship to INAC Kobe, which has Ace of the national team Homare Sawa, but the team has won 12 championship throughout it’s history. With Azusa Iwashimizu and Miziho Sakaguchi, both are the members of last years Worldcup champion team, Nihon TV is heading for the championship after 2 years.
As Nihon TV kick off the first collaboration between AKB and Nadeshiko league, it’s expected that other teams will also plan various collaborations with the national idol group, which will contribute to expand the fan base of the league as well as AKB48.
Sakiko Matsui
She was born in 1990, in Saita prefecture. She failed to pass AKB’s audition for 3rd KKS (6gen), but she was selected as a candidate member. Later she passed the audition for 4th KKS (7gen).
Promoted to team K in Mar, 2010 and placed 14th in R-P-S tournament and joined in Janken Senbatsu, the first Senbatsu she joined. Currently she is a student of Tokyo College of Music in piano major.
Nickname: Sakippe
Piano song plays in current Cupnoodle commercial is played by Sakiko Mastui.
Cupnoodle commercials can be seen on AKB48’s official youtube channel.