Yukirin Shares Happy Early Morning Time With Her Fans In Her G+ Wall

  May 11, 2012
Note: This post has barely anything to do with French Kiss

Following the descend of Mayuyu upon G+ residents, this morning was the heavenly time for Yukirin fans. Though AKB members are living a life that not allow them to have plenty of sleep, and wake up early in the morning everyday, it’s rare to meet them in the early morning on G+. But this morning was different…

Yukirin (柏木由紀) G+ 5:34AM

“Good morning (・U・) “

It’s difficult not to recognize this Kaomoji as a face with a big nose (or garlic nose..). But of course that’s her intention!

Yukirin “Everyone wakes up so early(・U・) “

Akari Suda(須田亜香里) “Good morning★ I may sleep again….(笑)”

Yukirin “It’s rare too see me wake up early(・U・)? “

Yukirin “Da~Su~ (Akari Suda’s nickname)!! Early bird!!”

Yukirin “Though it’s morning, I want to have curry Udon noodle!!(・U・)”

Yukirin “We can chat each other in this time in comment form(・U・)”

Yukirin “I got it. It’s not waking up early but doing G+ in early in the morning is rare!!(・U・)”

Yukirin “I want to have beef toungue too.(・U・)”

Yukirin “I woke up too early…(・U・)”

Yukirin “Everyone. Can you help me to kill time?(・U・)”

Yukirin “Come on! This (・U・) is not a nose!!”

Yukirin “I called Haachan to send my blessings for her birthday in the evening of yesterday(・U・)”

Yukirin “Hey! This is mouth!(・U・)”

Yukirin “Not nose!(・U・)” <- in Kansai dialect
Yukirin “I’m smiling to this degree(・U・)” <- the both edges of her mouth are at high position.
Yukirin “(^U^) ←I think you can get it with this Kaomoji?”

Yukirin “My recent event is…. my room is messy(・U・)”

Yukirin “I’m glad that you can understand me(・U・)” <- that it is not nose.
Yukirin “I want to talk more(・U・)”

After about 18 minutes!! Yukirin’s first post was filled up, so Yukirin created another post!!!!

And… requested fans to send questions for her!! She is doing the same thing as Mayuyu 2 days ado!!

Yukirin G+
“Good morning 2  (・U・)

I’m being fickle, I maybe answer to your questions(・U・)”
Yukirin “I’m not a morning person(・U・) Today is unusual.”
Yukirin “Yukirin and Mayuyu(・U・) Of course we are mom and daughter(・U・)”
Yukirin “It’s secret for today(・U・) lol I stopped petite diet.”
Yukirin “I want to be a girlfriend of Kojiharu-san(・U・)”
Yukirin “It’s not a nose(・U・)” <- in Kansai dialect (sounds a little bit rude in funny way)
Yukirin “I’m not writing lyric(・U・) Damerin(・U・)”  <- Dame: not good
Yukirin “What I come up with right now is …. The song titled Senko Hanabi(・U・)”
Yukirin “Yuihan recently is fashionable(・U・)” <- Yuihan is known to be poor at fashion
Yukirin “I miss Moose Pocky!!!”
Yukirin “IshiYoshi is Kami!!” <- Former members of Morning Musume Rika Ishikawa and Hitomi Yoshizawa. She is a huge fan of Hello-Pro just like Sashiko.
Yukirin “Today’s my fingers smell like paper(・U・)”
Yukirin “I went to a movie theatre with Sae-chan recently(・U・)”
Yukirin “The morning of idol is GUGUTASU!! I don’t accept any objection!” <-Gugutasu: G+
During 6 minutes she posted all above comments on her 2nd post in this early morning G+ session, but still the post hadn’t had 500 comments yet!!!
Yukirin “Orange juice is good to relieve Muscle pain, I heard this from the doctor(・U・)”
Yukirin “I finished reading a book(・U・)”
Yukirin “(I was reading) Bokuragaita(・U・)” 
Yukirin “Cherry performed by IchiYoshi is Kami!!!”
Yukirin “Cheese ball(・U・) (yummy)”
Yukirin “I hadn’t measured my 3 size for years(・U・) It’s secret(・U・)”
Yukirin “I must not here next morning(・U・)”
Yukirin “I want to go to Hawaii(・U・)”
It looks if we want to chat with popular members, early morning is the best time for it. If you are living other parts of the world, then early morning in Japan may be more convenient time for you??
Yukirin created the last post (3rd)!!

This may be the last one(・U・)”
Yukirin Metaiko(・U・)” <- since there're so many comments, I don't know to which question she answered...
Yukirin “Now I’m wearing T shirts of my Birthday Celebration festival 2 years ago(・U・)”
Nakayan “I found really good opportunity (to ask a question to Yukirin)… But I can’t think of anything… Gyaaaasu”
Yukirin “I was like ‘Ohh Amazingーー!!!! when I watched the lesson footage of ℃-ute san'”

Yukirin “Mamarin is now sleeping” <- Mamarin: Yukirin's mom Yukirin “(Noticed Nakayan was on her G+) Na… Nakaya~~~n!(・U・)”

Yukirin “Akumaki is maybe something you really like or relly dislike” <- Akumaki: Local food of southern Kyushu island
Yukirin “Yuko-chan(・U・) I promised her to go to dinner together(・U・)” <- When asked about her relationship with Yuko
Yukirin “Everyone is so cute, too cute in MV of Nagiichi(・U・)” <- this is not an answer to questions
ナギイチ / Nagiichi by NMB48

Yukirin “PajaDra is Kami” <- PajaDra: Pajama Drive Team B's 3rd stage 1th Mar 2008 to 1st Feb 2009

Yukirin “I exchanged email with Ayanyan(・U・)  (Ayame Hikawa of NMB48)”

“Thank you for spending time with me(・U・)

Now you heart is captured by this one (・U・) ←

It was fun (・U・)”

But because it’s too early, I will sleep again(・U・)”

Pheww…. like real nature, there’re sometimes heavy rain or typhoon in G+ world… But don’t worry. It’s not as cruel as nature, since it brings pleasant sudden rain fall of Yukirin’s comments….