when AKB48 rent out Disneyland
Since AKB48 is more of music act or performance but rather a project of establishing new style of entertainment, it’s difficult to compare AKB to any other artists or entertainers. The proper comparison can be possible with other entertainment project, such as… such as…. uhmmmm, oh yes, such as Disneyland!!
And because I can’t dare to seriously conduct a comparison between Disneyland and AKB, I want to (randomly) introduce how it’ll be like if AKB48 members rent whole Disneyland (precisely Disney Resort Tokyo) for one day, since AKB has a system like a school, and it naturally can be seen as a school trip.
From two channel “Things likely to happen when AKB rent out Dream Nation (Disneyland) whole day”
How is it gonna be like?
We can include Disneysea, other groups, KKS and graduates!
i.e. Harukyan ‘I feel sorry for Disneyland (to be rented by AKB48)’
Everyone!! Don’t write ‘Chuu was late for the time!!’
(Chuu is known for being late or absent from Shake-Hands events before (or is she still like this?))
Ripopo (Riho Kotani of NMB48) will unveil her true potential at Haunted Mansion.
Ripopo ‘I got surrounded by mascots~~~~~!!!!’
(In the TV program, Ripopo along with other NMB members visited Monster house. Since she was so scared, her reaction was so funny and eccentric that she’s become known to be timid for Horror attraction. Her famous shout “I was surrounded by monsters~~~~~~!!”)
Takajo, KitaRie and Yuihan start to separate from other members.
Suzuran and Yuihan start fighting for NagaMari.
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Haachan is enjoying on her own.
Acchan is just enjoy eating at restaurants.
Acchan has had all food menu in Disneyland.
A competition for Sae-chan has started.
A competition for Kojiharu has broken out.
A competition for Kaoru…
Yuko and Kojiharu is enjoying lovely a date, holding Daffy and Sherry May respectively.

K (бвб)  ‘Yu-chan~ I want that one~~!’
Y (´-∀- )  ‘Aha~’ <- being totally moonstruck

Ota get crazy because they got too happy seeing members cute photos uploaded on G+ in which they put on Micky ear.
Admist the thick morning haze, members find human figure standing in front of the gate of Disneyland.
They realized it’s Chuu….
Members ‘Chuu….’ <- with eyes as if they're looking off far distant place
Takamina’s voice become high-pitched when she speaks to Mascots.
They raise a chant ‘Yossha Ikuzo~~~~~!!’ before any attraction.
(Yossha~~~~ Ikuzo~~~~~
Tiger, Fire, Cyber, Fiber, Diver, Viber, Jerjer!! <-- Mix for Overtune)
Takamina couldn’t ride on many of attractions because she is shorter than required minimal height.
Even in a photo taken when she was riding on a boat in Splash mountain, Yukirin is posing to a camera.
In the memorial photo taken during the ride at Splash mountain, only KitaRie is staring at the camera.
Mocchii is biting ears of Micky.
Yuihan is shouting ‘Here is Chiba! Chiba prefecture!!’ <- she is from a rural area of Kyoto.
It’s interesting that AKB has never been filmed on location in Disneyland
Only SKE had been filmed in Disneyland.
Nakayan can’t dare to enter attractions since she has a wrong idea that she has to pay a fee for each attraction.
As soon as Yukirin arrived at Disneyland, the whether start getting very rough, and every attraction has halted.

Kashiwagi ‘Choi Choi~~~~~!! (Wai wait~~~!)’
Acchan, KitaRie, Myao and Amina starts food tour.
Yuihan and Suzuran are fighting each other to get the Micky ear which Mariyagi is putting on her head.
Yukirin wants to back home early.

If she can secure Sae, then she will never want to leave (Disney)Land.
Chuu and KitaRie sit next to Sae.
Kashiwagi ‘Gununu…………..’ <-feeling jealousy
Momoka Kinoshita, who dressed in highschool girl uniform with blood on it, is refused to enter Disneyland.
Momoka walk past Micky with no reaction,
then suddenly gets so much excited when she found Mayuyu.

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Despite all our expectation, FreshLemon has been not at all excited.
Staff ‘Due to the heavy winds, we have suspended the operation of Space Mountain’
Acchan ‘Really? Thank you so much’ <- It's rumored that Acchan's answer in Shake-Hands events is almost always this phrase.
Senbatsu member can use Fastpass.
Jurina and Rena starts grappling fight over what is inside Micky.
Yuko impulsively pull Micky’s tail.

Yuko and Mayuyu ‘Se~No~ Oshiri~~~♪’
Micky and Minnie ‘!?!!?!?!’

Harugon is just staring at inside of Micky’s mouth.
Yuko and Kojiharu is enjoying a lovely date at TeaCup ride.

Mariko and Takamina is staring at them reproachfully….
Tomochin is ridiculously high.
Despite she had ridden all Jet Coasters, Tomochin had never raised a scream.
Yuihan boasts of how many Hidden Micky she could have found.
Kaoru and Okaro start running marathon at Disney sea, I don’t know why.
Okaro is running throughout Disneyland to save missing children.
Lovetan hides herself in trash bin.
Former team B members (before 2009 reformation) are desperately looking for Lovetan.
Harugon was reported to be missing, but found in a float of Main Street Electrical Parade, sleeping.
Ota feel jealousy toward staffs inside mascots, who were hugged by members.
Yuihan is just repeatedly pushing a button of a stopwatch displayed in a souvenir shop.
Akicha joyfully pushed Sashiko in depression into Haunted Mansion.
Harugon tripped over and throwing away popcorn which she bought seconds ago.
While everyone lost her sight and is worrying about her,
Yuko is on the stage of Jungle Cruise, joining the performance.
Sashiko is resisting for 3 hours to Chihou-gumi members who are trying to persuade her into Haunted Mansion, but she didn’t enter it after all.
Meanwhile KitaRie is just observing the situation where Sashiko is resisting, eating popcorn until her lips get greasily.
I was perplexed that there’re 8 dwarfs, but I finally figured out that they’re 7 dwarf plus 1 Takamina!
Kitahara ha~~~~~n
Yui Yokoyama
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