AKB Art Club, What Members Artworks for Jacket Artwork of Sakiko’s Piano Solo Album Looks Like?

  May 19, 2012
Yesderday’s episode of Syukan AKB48 featured members of AKB48 Art Club working on album artwork of Sakiko Matsui’s upcoming piano album released in this summer..

AKB48 Art Club has started from Google+, and is the first club of AKB which was founded in 14th March. It all started with Haachan’s drawings she uploaded on G+. You may remember Ayarin’s portrait, Elephant or Alpaca, which lead the birth of fan-made comic of Haaemon. Inspired by Haachan, other AKB members has started uploading their own drawings on G+, making G+ a AKB members’ exhibition space.

AkiP reacted to this phenomena with his comment on G+.

“Everyone draws really well!
Let’s gather all AKB maestros to do an exhibition!
Its gonna be boring if you don’t draw seriously!!”

Surprisingly one month later in Feb, he announced that AKB48 Art Club will start their series in magazine Bizyutu Techou (its not joke. Actually this is a real and serious art magazine), and started recruiting other Art Club members.

Of corse it’s easy to imagine that AkiP has a connection to Japanese art scene as he is the vice president of Kyoto Zokei University (but this university is not so famous for its excellence but for its radical move to hire famous figures like AkiP, why I know this? Because I have artists friends graduated this university and I was a student of Kyoto univ which is located near this univ)

Anyway AKB48 Art Club ha started with real professors from the university with real lessons similar to ones of art universities.

During the lesson, members were given assignments to draw Ukiyoe in one line. One member finished this assignment in seconds and praised by the teacher! Guess who? It was the vice captain of Art Club, Natsuki Satoh! In this competition you can’t put your eyes off from her, while Haacan’s drawing ended up like a ‘masked wrestler’ rather than a girl in Ukiyoe lol

Aamin, who was in Art club in junior high-school, is also a competent artist. She was also praised in the assignment to put shadow on Haschan’s elephant drawing, along with Tomoko Katoh and Rina Hirata, while Haachan ended up drawing beard instead of adding shadow… lol

Natural airhead and lazy girl Lovetan looks not so promising artist at a first glance, as she let her assignment work done by MaeAmi, a junior member for her… but she suddenly got serious when the lesson of painting started. She was also praised for her bold but elaborate work by the teacher.

When asked about his impression on the girls, the teacher gave an interesting answer.

“Usually people tend to conceal their weak points when they make artworks. But these girls have strong will as they have jumped into the Show-Biz world to try their luck. So they don’t have any hesitation to open their everything. I’m impressed by their boldness and brave. They managed to take the lessons in their busy schedules. And I felt their concentration or their mettle to make the best of their limited time. I’m enjoying to spend time with them.”

As a captain and as a senior member, Haachan also cares about junior members from other groups as she talked to them to relax.

Jacket Artwork competition for Sakiko’s solo single was designed that each member submits one piece of art. Every members of the Art Club since then had been working on this at their home or back rooms etc.

In this episode of Syukan AKB48, we finally can take a look at their final products which submitted before the deadline of the competition, 9th May.


When the guest (facilitator) entered in the room members were sitting on chairs, surrounded by her juniors, Akicha stood up to greet him first:) This is of course a part of the reason why she is the only Senbatsu member of them and how she has met various people in her business.


Facilitator (comedian) points to Haachan’s cloths as she is famous for poor (or eccentric?) sense of fashion.

Haachan “Please don’t tease me on my fashion!!”

Lovetan “Excuse me, what is this fashion!?”
(Lovetan 17y/o, Haachan 22 y/o and both are 3gen)
lol though (or maybe because) Lovetan’s remark sounded a little challenging, but of course it made Haacan felt Moe~ I guess.
Review has started.
Maeami’s art piece is made of paper, and she set this on the piano at her home to photograph. 
MaeAmi “So, people called God of scissors since I’m so fast to cut paper. “
Teacher “Certainly she is God of scissors.” lol
Tanamin and Sakiko share the love for Tokusatsu movies and Tanamin described Sakiko’s magical finger in this picture.
Tanamin’s art piece
On Hilary’s art piece,

Akicha “why the paper is rumpled up!? lol”