Maachun’s Shoes Stolen During The Lesson For NMB’s Stages In Minogashita Kimitachihe2 Revue Series

  May 19, 2012
NMB’s Ogasawara Express, Maachun’s (Mayu Ogasawara) shoes had stolen during the lesson for their stages on 19th and 20th in Minogashita Kimitachihe2 Revival Revue series!!!

Maachun G+

“Does anyone know where’s my shoes?
Mayu Ogasawara, when I was leaving the lesson last night………. I couldn’t find my shoes….”

Maachun “Spirited away~~!!!”

Riichan (Rina Kondoh) G+

“I haven’t hidden your shoes!” (<- in Country-side-like dialect) LOL She is being funny which makes her suspicious… Maachun “Come on guys!! Look for my shoes!! lol”

Rikanyan (Rika Kishino) “Where are your shoes? Where are you now? ぁ(๑ơ ₃ ơ)”

Maachun “(To worrying fans) I think someone mistook my shoes as hers…. But I can’t figure out who is she….”

Riichan G+

“Maachun! Cheer up! (´ω`)
Everyone, Maachun is not crying!!”

She is clearly crying lol

I saw a dog running with holding shoes in his mouth.

Though many fans were speculating that it would be bullying, I don’t think people in Osaka do bullying in this dark way. I believe if they do bullying, they will put Takoyaki in her shoes!
Shiokichi (Shiori Matsuda) looks suspicious too..

After about 10 hours later from the first post…

Maachun G+

“I finally could find my shoes which I almost thought were spirited away!!!
I’m so relived!♪
Sorry to cause you worry(^_^;)))

And, thank you members for looking for my shoes together!”
Churi (Akane Takayanagi) “Maachu!!!?” (Churi was also in Tokyo for the filming of TV shows)
Riichan “That’s good! Good luck for tomorriichan♪? “
Of course some people were suspecting Kanakichi since she was the only girl of these thieves