Having followed her G+ and twitter over these years, I guess Otagrapher Mariko Shinoda can publish her photobook showcasing the private faces of AKB48 members at this point.
Today Mariko showed off her paparazzi skill by uploading these pictorials of members Suppin face on her G+ and twitter.
Mariko Shinoda G+ (and twitter)

“KitaRie-chan’s Suppin face…( *`ω´) Kawaii…”

She looks the same without make-up!
Immediately after Mariko’s paparazzi time has started, fans started talking about who would look the most different without make-up.
“Acchan!” “Takamina!” “Shiichan!!” “Mariko-sama!! (lol)” “Tomochin!!”
But for her next photo, Mariko chose the safest member.
Mariko G+

“Mayuyu ( *`ω´) Her Suppin face is so cute♪”
She cares more about her bang hair than her Suppin face!!!
I don’t know why Mariko uploaded only this photo directly to G+ (not put a link to Twipic)
Mariko G+

“Akicha ( *`ω´) Suppin!”
Ohhh this is so cute…
Mariko G+

“Suppin faces of Acchan and Yuko ( *`ω´) I feel like photographing all members’ Suppin faces lol “
(She completely understand what fans expect her to do!!! lol But it kind of sounds like Power Harassment in the cutest form!)
Mariko should have removed this quilt!!
Will Mariko photograph Kojiharu’s Suppin???
Mariko G+

“SaeBoo  ( *`ω´)”
Mariko is actually talented in photography! Nobody could expect that Mariko took Sae in this way!!!!
Mariko! Please publish your photobook!!
Mariko G+

“Mnami  ( *`ω´) I like her Suppin face better than her face with make-up♪ “
Takamina looks cuter without make-up!? What do you think?
Mariko G+

“Yuiha~~~n ( *`ω´) Suppin!”
Yuihan without make-up really looks like Nyanchuu…!
Mariko Twitter

“Nyaro (Kojiahru) and Tomochin managed to escape from me~~( *;`ω´) “
LOL Even Mariko couldn’t take a photo of Tomochin’s Suppin face!!!
Mariko G+

“Sashiko after the filming of Music Station( *`ω´) “
Mariko G+

“KashiwaGe-chan ( *`ω´) Kagoshima (prefecture) ~~~~!!”
She is like a beautiful Japanese girl in old times.

Mariko G+

“My Suppin ( *`ω´)”

LOL Who is this…. man? (a manager of team 4)

Tomochin twitter

“You’re cute :))”