Most Of Japanese People Don’t Know AKB’s Next Faces On Type-B

  April 27, 2012

As Album photos for AKB’s 26th single explicitly show “Survivor(officially called mamoru mono)” and those who got “Strong Support(officially called semeru mono)” from management, some of veteran members of AKB are not losing their usual position as Media Senbatsu.
Because this single has 36 Senbatsu members, the largest ever, it’s hard to get in Media-Senbatsu for veterans as this single is painted as time for generation change.
The single comes with Ballot Ticket for coming June election and next 1 month is the most important period for members to promote themselves and being Media Senbatsu means they will have more exposure to general audience. If it were election, 22 members of election are selected according to election result. So we ca say those top22 members who weren’t selected for MediaSenbatsu are somewhat alienated. Members who are not selected despite being in top-22 in the last election are,
Sae (11th)
Miichan (13th)
KitaRie (14th)
Chuu (15th)
Yui (17th)
This drastic move is received negatively among some fans of alienated members, and AKB haters joined ride on this sentiment, making it a sort of chaos.

“Even Miichan, Chuu and KitaRie were fired? I think the end of AKB is getting closer….”
“Miichan, our Miichan….”
(Miichan is enormously popular among Japanese online commnity)
“IMHO, Yui is losing her brightness over these years.”
KKS era -> Peak -> Now
“Look Type-B jacket!! Who can name them except Mayuyu? Yes only AKB-Ota!”

Most of people don’t know these faces except Jurina and Mayuyu

Mayuyu Appeared Longest in MV of Manatsu no Sounds Good!

“I lose all the passion for AKB48 after Acchan announced graduation…. I am thinking to sell all the goods I collected….”

Atsuko Maeda, The Front Girl of AKB48 to Leave The…
What’s Going On Inside AKB?

Full Transcript: Atsuko Maeda Not To Participate i…

“For whatever reason, Acchan still has aura of the center of AKB… Look Type-B jacket… if this is AKB inthe future then AKB is over…”

“Acchan has such a well shaped body.”
“As we expected, it looks like Mayuyu is gonna be the next Ace of AKB.”
“Mayuyu is new type.”
“Only Kojiharu can be recognized as an idol for me… Others are only viable as a group but not as a individual.”
“So they again sing naked?”
“So after all they can do is only stripping?”

 (AKB is said to be depriving jobs of Gravure idols)
“In the sensation of Acchan’s graduation, somehow Tomochin is sneaked into Kami-7’s position?”
(This is current Kami-7, and we are expecting Sashiko will fill the blank after Acchan leaves not Tomochin.)

“I think Tomochin again distorted the space.”
“Yukirin is 163cm high while Tomochin is 154.5cm but her face is bigger. Her face looks even bigger than Acchan, who is in the closest position to the camera!!”
(Usual trick for their photoshooting?
Since most of AKB members are shorter than average Japanese girls this trick is used in some photoshooting of AKB to align their heights in the photo.
*Kojiharu 164cm, Mayuyu 154cm, Shinoda 168cm, Yuko 152cm, Acchan 161cm, Tomochin 154cm, Takamina 149cm

“Even some famous figures are speaking ill of their appearances. But let’s face it. Those who are huge fans of AKB are mostly handsome persons.”
(Popular singer, musician, actor, Masaharu Fukuyama has long been a huge fan of AKB)

“Mr.Children, Southern All Stars, B’z, most of veteran musicians favor AKB.
We don’t necessarily like them but good is good. We have to admit them.”
(They are iconic bands for our generations.)

“Hideaki Itoh is also a huge fan of Kojiharu. He even joined shake-hands event to meet Kojiharu!”
(He starred MV of Namida Surprise.)
“I think their peak in term of performance was Ponny Tail and “Chuchu…. when they were fresh and energetic..”

“It’s 300 times as good as to hear news about Kanryu idols (lol) that AKB48 is ridiculously popular in this nation. But I simply can’t remember their faces.”
“How many girls are there in this group??”
“If you include their sister groups, then it’s over 300….”
“Crazy… I heard they even has a group in Jakarta!?!?”
(AKB48 performed their stage together with JKT48 in Jakarta. On top of that, there’ll be TPE48 and SNH48 within this year!!)
“You know what? If you have a leisure to spend your money on K-pop blah, you must spare that money and buy AKB’s CDs!!! That how Japanese economy will get better.”
“Say it to those douche-bag girls…”
“Either way they will sell over 2 millions since tons of bonuses are coming together with the record… But most of those 2 million will be a plastic garbage after they took out tickets from it.”

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